WITS Update for October 2017

wellnessCommunity Letter PS3

Dear PS3 Partners & Community:

Welcome back to a new school year! For those of you who are new to the school I am Chef Lauren. I will be supporting the school kitchen staff in preparing the alternative menu. I look forward to continue working with you all this year to teach the students healthy habits.

Our Wellness in the Schools (WITS) Coaches Jamel and Jordan will continue their efforts out in the recess yard to let kids play!

Our restaurant partner is Chef Michael Anthony with Untitled and will be visiting from time to time to work on projects at the school.

I look forward to meeting with your Food Grow Play Committee regularly to discuss ways in which we can support the wellness activities in your school. There is always room for more members if you are interested in joining!

Our first round of WITS Labs this year will be the week of September 25th. We will be making a recipe using kale! Parent volunteers are always welcome but please limit it to two per class. I look forward to another productive, collaborative year. Please reach out at any time.

All the best, Lauren Nilsen PS3 WITS Chef

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