PTA Meeting Minutes, 2012/2013

Archived PTA Meeting Minutes 2012/2013



PS3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  May 14, 2013

Minutes Issued Date:  May 20, 2013

 Start of the Meeting: 6:23pm

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes from April 2013:  Minutes Approved.


  • PS41 waitlisted family information session: We had about 50 people visit who are all waitlisted at PS41.  It went very well, some families wanted to sign up right there.  We have 32 seats to offer.
  • Play Street:  The DOT denied the play street. We are working to get more of a reason for the denial.  We think it’s political.
    • Denise speaks:  We requested for a one-year trial to use Grove Street as a play street for two 50-minute periods a day for the 4th & 5th graders.  The DOT provided an explanation of denial saying that it would confuse the traffic patterns in the west village because Grove is an off the grid type street.  There is concern that a car will pull up remove the barricade and drive through the kids playing on the street.  The CB2 Board Chairman (David Gruber) wrote a compelling letter to the DOT asking for answers and asking to see the engineer’s evaluation.  He has not received a reply.  In moving forward, we could write our own letter and attach it to an 11-page petition we have to use Grove Street as a play street.  We could contact the media.  I need another parent to help run this part of the process.  I’ll bring it to the class parents meeting this week to see if someone is interested in helping.
    • Kitchen Construction: is ongoing.  They are tiling the walls and floors now.  Our current cafeteria has a warming kitchen.  This new cafeteria will be a full service kitchen, which will allow for food to be cooked from scratch.  The kitchen staff will be trained on how to use the new kitchen equipment.
    • Lunch Clubs:  Drama has been added and is ongoing for the remainder of the school year.
    • Thank you:  to Dan O’Sullivan and those working on Terry’s eblasts while she’s been out sick.  Terry has been out since a week before spring break and has been cleared by her doctor to come back to work next week.  We sent her flowers and we’ve posted contact information for people trying to get out eblasts.  Also, a big thanks to parents who cleaned out the parent room.
    • Q/A Session:
      • Q:  With Terry being out is there someone else who is able to do what she does?  A:  Unfortunately no, she holds that position.  It is a DOE hired job only the DOE can hire someone to replace her.  They will not provide a sub while she is out.
      • Q: Please talk about the science test coming up.  A:  these test have been around for a long time.  It is suppose to test cumulative learning on science up to 4th grade.  It’s scored in house and shows on the school report card.  Only 15 kids or so take it at one time.
      • Q:  What is your take away on the State Tests now that they are over?  A:  I read a letter from the principal at the Eastside Community School saying his school is not going to look at the tests for admissions this year. It was not an adequate test for the standards and did not test what it set out to do.
      • Safety Committee Update: It was suggested at the meeting that we look into hiring a community associate who would work for the school.  It’s a 12-month position that gets paid roughly $32,000 a year.  It could be funded by a private grant however we would also need to cover benefits for that position.  That could be an additional 40-50% in cost.  There are serious restrictions on hiring.  Anyone is welcome to investigate further.  Note:  A general discussion ensues about if the PTA could fund this position and if the regulations allow for it.
        • Nick Day comments:  We are getting another new safety agent for the lobby and we are petitioning to get a 2nd agent via the NYPD school safety team.   The Commanding Officer of Manhattan South Command came to view the school and recommended we should have more than one safety agent.  He says the approval process will be challenging because we are not in a high crime area.  However, we do have 8 doors that lead to the outside and we are not fenced in.  As for the new lobby safety agent he is trying to identify someone who is good fit for the school.

Question:  What would you like your parents to know?

  • We are training for 1st grade
  • How happy we are in school and that we are respectful in the hallway
  • We love going on field trips
  • We love recess
  • We choose interesting projects
  • That a good night sleeps helps to have a great day
  • We’d like more time for lunch, more recess and a TV

Question:  In May we will…

  • Perform our best independently
  • Work and play
  • Start our non-fiction writing group
  • Build and decorate
  • Have fun
  • Complete our science unit
  • Continue working on math topics
  • Focus on how we can connect and engage
  • Study chicks and ducks
  • Go to the battery park farm
  • Learn about how things work
  • Make posters and artifacts
  • Write poetry
  • Have cooking class
  • Dance at the dance-a-thon
  • Continue to get ready to be 1st graders
  • We will work on our sea creatures and non-fiction
  • Continue to bring joy to the community daily
  • Try not to get stressed
  • We competed in the Special Olympics
  • Enjoy the weather
  • Enjoy art, learning and games.

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • Spring Fling thank you:  to our co-chairs Sue, Denise, and Nancy. Thank you for an amazing event.
  • Upcoming Events: 
    • Bruce’s concerts – Wed & Thur. May 15-16, 9am
    • Dance-a-thon – Thursday May 23rd
    • Talent Show – Friday May 31st
    • Pop-up shop – Monday – Thursday May 20-23.  Hours 11-7pm. It’s at the same store as last year up the street from school on Hudson next to Quarter restaurant.
    • Field Day – Friday June 7th.  Sign up in the lobby to help.
    • Kenneth Lonergan/Mark Ruffalo Signature Theater Benefit – Monday June 10th.  Ticketing will be up this week.  Keep an eye out. Please get the word out.
    • Kindergarten orientation – Monday June 17, 9:15am.  All incoming parents are going to be in the building.  Please guide them to the auditorium if need be.
    • SI Yankees game – Wednesday June 19th, 7pm.  Tickets are going out via backpack mail.  We are going to be seated together.  We have an option to have students perform on the field before the game.  Be in touch with Kirk if you’re interested in heading that up.
    • Staff Appreciation Lunch – Wednesday June 26th.
    • Summer mailer:  It needs to be assembled and sent out by late July/early August.  Mike Rover along with an incoming Executive Board member will be responsible to get this out.  It might become digital and a paper version will be sent to those without email.


  • Cash flow:  Income over the last month included $19,014 for 3Fund.  We also made $209 from Amazon Associates and the Louis CK fundraiser came in over $111,000.  The Auction is in at $101,000 gross.
  • Expenses:  We paid for SAIR programs along with Tanya Odom we hired as the moderator for the 75 Morton Task Force envisioning process.
  • In the bank:  Not including class funds we have a little over $460,000
  • Net Income for the year:  We are over $390,000 as of April.
  • 2013-2014 Budget:  In putting this budget together we went line by line and discussed each item and got info from various groups.   Some changes are:
    • Media Strategy – budget is up from last year to refresh the PS3 website
    • PAC – budget is down because they spent little out of this year’s budget.
    • Science personnel:  this is being added based on the results of the Charrette.


  • PTA:  Co-President: Dana Abraham and Henry Sidel, Co-VP: Joycelyn Anker and Amy Egan, Co-Treasure: Conon Green and Nicole Tyler, Co-Secretary: Lauren Seikaly and Sarah Sung, Members-at-large:  Nancy Fey, Denise Pizzini, Mike Rovner, Stephanie Green and Corinne Moreno-Geiss.  One member-at-large position is left open for a new parent entering in September 2013.
  • SLT:  Melissa Bell, Sarah Carder, Nick Day, Jordana Mendelson, Samantha Rifkin

There were no additional nominations from the floor for either the PTA or the SLT.


  • Science: This is a newly formed committee.  Based on results from the charette it was determined that we want more science.  We are going to focus on physical science to start.  We are going to be interviewing for a part-time position to teach grades 4/5.  This position will be similar to Bruce’s.  It will be PTA funded and we are actively looking for candidates.  If interested in helping please get in touch with Kirk and join the committee.
  • Media & Communications:  We had a great 1st year, we got a facebook page up, we created an alumni database and we will create an alumni association.  We have streamlined communications, we are having a branding process going on (we are going to rebrand PS3) and we want to have media coverage with the new branding effort.   Please join the committee.  We meet once a month.
  • Fundraising:  We need a new chair for this committee.  Stephanie Green agrees to chair.
  • Graduation:  Come see the masks being made in room 408.
  • Arts:  We have two new co-chairs Amy Egan & Karen Shapiro.
  • PAC:  We have two new co-hairs Heather Lortie & Stephen Duncombe.


  • 75 Morton (Shino comments):  The envisioning process was constructive.  We presented our recommendations to the Community Board.  They will be voting on the resolution next Tuesday and then next Thursday the full board will vote.  The CEDD2 will be voting on it on Wednesday.  We will then send it to the electives and we hope they listen to the recommendations and move the project forward.
  • DOE Clawback: We have already paid back $137,000 to the DOE for the incoming Kindergarten class we were asked to open but was never fulfilled.  The DOE wanted an additional $63,000 but forgave that money based on a letter the SLT wrote and was going to send out to elected officials.
  • Grove Street Play Street:  Just to mention this again, we really need a parent to step up and take over this effort.


  • The Yard (Kate comments):  Instead of painting the play yard we have a parent muralist who’s going to create a mural on the back wall near the basketball court and a sign will be made to keep students off the high ledge.  Also, we are aware that kids are peeling back the walls in the yard, scrapping out the inside and using it as chalk.  Lisa is aware that it needs to be fixed.
  • Construction Closet cleanout (Amy comments):  We would like to get a man with a van and some money so that we can discard and move all materials out of the temporary closet that was created to house materials during construction.  We want to try and get this done on June 27th or June 28th so that the closet can be demo’d by July 1st.  I’ll put out a call for parent volunteers.
  • PS3til6 (Yin comments):  We have served over 409 students in the after-school program.  That is over ½ the population of the school.  We are going to expand late Fridays if you want to have a date night.  They are also starting to offer family programs (cooking, chess, etc).  We have become a model because other schools are contacting us trying to find out how we get our programs going.  We are going to institute a bell ritual in the yard for dismissal of the general population to allow for the afterschool kids to come up.  Afterschool general use of the yard is Monday – Thursday 3:35pm & Friday 2:45pm.  Spread the word about the bell.


  • Next PTA meeting is on June 11th.  A vote on elections and next year’s budget will take place.
  • St. Luke’s Garden:  Many teachers take their classes there and it would be nice to make them a gift or a donation, etc.  Anna Rice-Yaffe and Denise Pizzini are working with Susan Solar on ideas.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm



PS3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  April 16, 2013

Minutes Issued Date: April 22, 2013

Start of the Meeting: 6:28pm

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes from March 2013:  Minutes Approved.

PRINCIPALS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb for Lisa Siegman)

  • School Surveys:  Thank you for your help in increasing the response rate for the parent survey.  We don’t know what the final percentage participation is yet.
  • ELA state testing: began today.  This years tests reflect the common core standards even though they have not been fully implemented in the classroom.  After reviewing one 3rd grade test some answer seemed correct and other answers did not.  It appears the test does not do a good job reflecting the common core standers based on her first look.

PARENT COORDINATOR:  Terry has been out sick, recovering from a concussion since before spring break.  She hopes to be back next week.


  • Great Closet Clean-out Crew:  Thank you, it looks amazing.
  • 75 Morton Street:  On April 22nd there is a CB2/CECD2 meeting in the PS41 auditorium where the proposal for this project will be shared.  It is being envisioned as a single middle school.  There is a compelling plan for the grade configuration.  We hope we will continue to have a vote in the process.    Please encourage folks to attend the meeting if they can.  We expect an update from the CECD2 in late spring or early fall.
  • Building Safety Committee (Nick Day comments):  There is a ‘town hall’ style meeting on Wednesday May 8th at 9am in the Library.  We will discuss building safety, safety of the school related to terrorist threats, criminals, etc.  I am going to ask for questions to be submitted before hand so we can have an answer at the meeting.
  • Spring Fling (Sue Unkenholz comments):  It’s on Saturday May 11th from 11am-4pm.  Please sign up to volunteer.  Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board in the lobby.  We are going to present at the next class parent meeting.  Please help get the word out to K/1 families who might not understand what this event is about
  • Writing Festival: Is the week of May 13th.  The Library committee puts it on, it’s a weeklong event where authors and writers come and present to the students.  It also a chance for the students to share their written stories with one another.
  • Dance-A-Thon: Is Thursday May 23rd.  It raises money for Safe Passage.
  • Field Day:  Is on Friday June 7th at Pier 40.  There are 3 ways to volunteer.  First is through the classroom – go to and from the field with your child’s class.  Second is help out on the field for a ½ day and third is help out on the field for the entire day by helping out the quad leaders.  We also need a volunteer to help out with water.
  • Theater Benefit:  it is almost confirmed, it’s going to be a revival of ‘This is Our Youth’ written my Kenny Lonergan and hopefully will be performed by the original cast members Mark Ruffalo, Josh Hamilton & Missy Yager.  We will be announcing more details and ticketing information shortly.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Staten Island Yankees Pep Rally – Thursday April 18th at 1:30 in the auditorium.
    • Bruce’s Concert Series – Wednesday & Thursday May 15 & 16.
    • Talent Show – Friday May 31st
    • Pop-Up Shop – end of May.  Location & date TBD.  Items are being collected after drop off on Mondays in the gym.
    • Staten Island Yankee Game – Wednesday June 19th at 7pm.  Look for tickets to go on sale.
    • Staff Appreciation Lunch – Wednesday June 26th.
    • Committee Chairs:  There are a few committees who will need new chairs come the fall.  If you know of a committee that will need new leadership come the fall please let Susan or I know.
    • Succession Discussion:  Executive Board & SLT need new members for the fall.  If you know of anyone interested in joining please get in touch with Davina Fitzpatrick or Karen Shapiro.


  • Income Statement: 
    • The 3 Fund is now a little over $136,000 that includes roughly $15,000 that came in over last month.
    • Amazon Associates:  please go through the PS3 website when purchasing on Amazon.  We get a small percentage of purchases.
    • Auction:  we brought in a total of $122,000 gross and the net was $95,000 roughly.
    • PayPal Account:  we opened one up to be used for yearbook purchases. 
    • Budget:  next month we will present the budget for the 2013-2014 school year.  These two items will be added:
      • Proposal for physical sciences learning.  This came out of the Charrette from last year where it was determined that parents want more science.  We are talking with Lisa and trying to figure out a way to do that.  One idea is to hire someone who could teach multiple classes similar to what Bruce does.    If anyone has ideas please speak to Kirk Arrowood.
      • Proposal for the basement art studio – phase 1(Tara reports) We have been working with all the arts teachers to find out what it is they want for the space. We got a dollar amount from a parent who’s a contractor.  The cost was $285,000 that included everything (demo, new wall surfaces, new surfaces on the columns, tables, stools, separations, new storage shelves, new lighting, new sound installation, etc.).  This pricing is based solely on the plans, as it’s not a bid.  Before spring break, I applied for city funding (Reso. A).  I am unsure when I will hear back. If the funding is approved the job goes to a school construction authority along with an architect and they might end up doing what they want to do.
        • New Art Studio starting in September:  We need to get the room ready for classes including getting the kilns for clay installed.  Total cost comes to $10,000 and includes new clay trap for the sink, temporary partitions, new a/c unit, moving Lenny’s shelving and furniture, electrical work etc.  If we want to paint it will cost another $2,000.  We would need to get this work done over the summer.

Question:  Is Lisa going to be requesting another $120,000 from the PTA again for next years budget?

Answer:  We are budgeting for it however she has not used all of it over the last couple of years.  She has used $85,000 roughly each year.


  • Lunch/Recess:  Kindergarten orientation will be held on Monday June 17th for incoming families.  We would like volunteers for the meet and greet part of the meeting.
  • Nominating:  A letter went out about the upcoming PTA and SLT Election via Terry’s email.  Information is also on the website and the Facebook page.  We will also send out a letter via backpack mail.
  • Fundraising:  A second chance auction is ongoing until April 22nd at midnight.
  • Graduation:  Will be in the auditorium during the day and then a party is thrown in the auditorium for the graduates in the evening.  We are going to try and stay with in our budget however it’s possible there maybe an overage.


  • EDP (Education Data Portal) Class Action Lawsuit:  Please refer to the PS3 PAC committee page website for details on this issue.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible to bring about a Class Action Lawsuit.  FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) is designed to protect student’s privacy and if it were the schools giving students information away then they would be punished however it’s the DOE that is giving this away.   You could make a claim against the DOE because it goes beyond their rule making duties.  The only way for it to get done is for someone to take it on.  No private law firm seems interested.  Maybe it could be done pro bono.  There is a lawyer who works for the ACLU who is looking into this.
  • Construction Update:  completion will be delayed but should not impact our move into the basement.  There are new tables and 28 chairs being delivered any day now.  We raised the idea of adding a PA system in the new cafeteria.  We are trying to get a budget number.  That may end up as a lobby vote.  As soon as the school year ends we are responsible for cleaning out the temporary room that has been built by the construction crew and moving all the furniture & shelving from Lupi’s and Lenny’s room.  We will either use parent volunteers to get this done or hire some a few people.
  • Cafeteria Acoustics:  Reso. A funding proposal has been submitted.
  • Safety Working Group (Nick Day Reports) – the Commanding Officer of Manhattan South Command came to view the school and gave an assessment.
    • Second Security Officer:  we need more than one security guard.  Lisa has requested, as did we and the request is pending.
    • Emergency doors:  they are used for people who come in and out of the building and they don’t really close well.  We need to have that fixed via frank.
    • Camera system:  Maria from afterschool and I are looking into a camera system for some of the doors because you can’t see through the doors in the front and it could add to some security.  Frank has said that the DOE is going to install cameras but there is no timeline.
    • PA System:  is in the process of being repaired.
    • Classroom Doors:  The classroom doors do not lock from the inside.  The fire code says you cannot lock the door from the inside.
    • Lunch Club (Nancy Fey reports):  In May we will add ‘Theater with Adam’.  He works for the Queens Center for the Performing Arts and they have a DOE contract.  He has also worked with several classes through the SAIR program.  Should be 5 sessions on Thursdays starting May 5th and will be offered to the 2/3 and 4/5 grades.  I’m also working with Lisa on the renewal for the funding for this program for next year.
    • Language Team:  Also coming out of the Charrette from last year was to include more Language Education.  The proposals have been to implement a dual language program in possibly either Spanish or Mandarin.  This would be one or two classes in a dual language track with mixed language represented.  You can apply for a planning grant for up to $20,000.  You have to have at least one classroom with the same number of Spanish speaking (or Mandarin speaking) and English speaking students.  This is a longer-term plan.  If it works you could add another language classroom (ex: one Spanish and one French).


  • Afterschool general use of yard:  Mon – Thur. until 3:35pm, Fri. til 2:45pm
  • The next PTA Meeting is on Tuesday May 14th.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm


PS3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  March 12, 2013

Minutes Issued Date: March 18, 2013

Start of the Meeting: 6:25pm

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes from February 2013:  Minutes Approved.


  • Thank you:  for the GVABF committee, for organizing the Louie CK event, to the auction team, and to the 3Fund for the ‘thank you’ print campaign.
  • DOE Budget: they closed the budget a month early this year.  We should keep appealing for the money that we are not getting.
  • DOE New Curriculum:  they have identified a new math and literacy curriculum.  It is not mandatory to implement.  We have been and will continue to piece together our curriculum based on this and what we have been doing.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences: are ongoing this week.
  • Common Core:  on Wednesday 3/20 from 8:30-9:30am there will be an information meeting about the common core.  All are welcome to attend.  I will share what I know and take questions.
  • Teacher evaluation system:  apparently is coming.  It’s from the state not the city and UFT because they could not come to an agreement.  They will be sending a talent coach twice in the next month to teach me how to evaluate based on the new system.  These sessions will last for 15 minutes.  It seems part of the evaluation system will come from Charlotte Danielson’s evaluation system even though it’s not made to do so and she has said it’s not suppose to be used for that.
  • State Testing:  they will now reflect the common core.  The DOE has commented that they would like to have the first year of testing not reflect the common core. Test scores are expected to be way down. There is concern about the confidents of students who are taking the test this year and last year.  It’s going to be a very different experience.

A general discussion, debate & concerns about testing and the results takes place. Concern over the very complicated language in these tests, concern of the complicated multi-step problems.  Concern for how the scores will be reflected. Suggestion – maybe we could put in some stress reduction for the students, extra choice time or Yoga.

  • School Surveys (Mike Rovner reports):  they are being handed out at Parent/Teacher conferences or through backpack mail.  You can fill them out online or hand them in at school.  The deadline for submitting them is April 12th.  The level of participation is key and factors into our schools overall grade evaluation.  We are getting the word out through class parents and we want to figure out a reward for parents for those classes that provide 100% participation.

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • 75 Morton Street:  we had one meeting last week with 60 or more parents from 5 different elementary schools.  On Thursday 3/14 there is a follow up in the cafeteria from 6:00-8:30pm please join.  Discussion will be about grade configuration.  The hope is to have the school open for current 3rd graders and younger.  Phase I is the grade configuration and general guiding principals for the building, Phase II is innovative ways to share the space and Phase III is the education philosophy.  We are investing time and money to get a community consensus however nothing is guaranteed.  The DOE can decide to do what they want.

Lunch/Recess Proposal:  We are planning on painting the yard, run the kindergarten orientation again in the fall and we need to buy more cups for the lunchroom.

Proposal to spend $500 for painting of the yard, kindergarten orientation and cups for the cafeteria.  Motion to approve.  Motion passes.

  • Grove Street play street:  was passed by the Community Board and now goes to Department of Transportation, the Department of Health and the local police department for final approval.  The neighbors on Grove Street have concerns about the play street and in order to keep open communication with them and address concerns where possible, Sue Unkenholz was named community liaison. To start, Lisa thinks that she’ll use this street for two 50minute periods for the 4th and 5th graders to alleviate overcrowding in the yard.
  • PS41/PS3 Split Zone Postscript :  when the CEC voted to split the zone it was based on the understanding that they would redraw the zoning map to include Westbeth in the PS3 zone.  However, that vote (to move Westbeth back over to the PS3 zone) was defeated and the zones stand as they are.  Some parents now wonder and are looking into seeing if the voting of splitting the zone becomes invalid based on this defeat of including Westbeth.  There are also a few school districts that are being de-zoned.  They have very different circumstances however it is something to be said since we are now in a split zone.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Spring Fling – Saturday 5/11 from 11-4pm.
    • Staten Island Yankees assembly – April 18th at 1:30 and 2:15pm.
    • Staten Island Yankee game – June 19th.
    • Graduation – June 21st.
    • Field Day – Friday June 7th
    • Talent Show – Friday May 31st
    • Dance-A-Thon – Thursday May 23rd.
    • Theater Benefit – tentative date is Monday June 10th.  Looks like it will be at the Signature Theater with Mark Ruffalo reading a part.

TREASURER’s REPORT (Anna Rice-Yaffee): 

  • We are working on the budget for next year.  If you want to be involved let me know.
  • 3Fund brought in about $4,700 this month.
  • Graduation committee budget question came up – it was at $5,000 last year because it was possibly going to be off campus however it’s back down to $4,000 because graduation will be held at school.


  • SI Yankee Assembly  - will be April 18th at 1:30 and 2:15pm.  Testing is that week and these assemblies are going to serve as a break.  The mascot will be at the assemblies and he might also show up one at drop off on morning.
    • Last year 550 of us attended the game.  It was the largest attendance for a school attending a game for the first time.
    • We may be able to get a spot during the game for a group of our kids performing.
    • The game is during the week because they play the Brooklyn Cyclones (which is a big game).
    • Pop up store:  Will happen this spring.


  • We are looking for people to run.  We will accept nominations at the May PTA meeting and vote for the PTA and SLT positions in June.
  • Karen Sharipo, Davina Fitzpatrick and Yin Ho are also on the committee.


  • 4thgrade parents host the ceremony.  5th grade parents throw the party.  It’ll be at school on June 21st.  Please sign up with Tara to help.

PAC (David Rosenberg)

  • Student Privacy issues:  the US Education Department is being sued for allowing the release to third parties of student information for non-academic purposes.  Check out the PAC committee page to read more about along with a letter of complaint you can send to the state.  One parent is looking to see if a class action lawsuit has been filed.
  • Next Meeting:  is on Thursday 3/21 at 8:30am in the cafeteria.


  • Help:  We are very busy and are looking for help.
  • Agriculture Literacy Week:  is next week. Spoons Across America is coming to help facilitate their program.  This year’s topic is bee-keeping and will feature the book The Honeybee man. I could use some parents to help out with the classes.
  • Wooly Pockets:  we have to amend the soil.  I could use some help.
  • Harvest Day:  will be in June.  Date TBD.
  • Demo’s:  we will have mushroom log demos at the battery farm and a pea shoot demo and a wooly pockets demo on Saturday 4/22 before earth day.
  • Seedlings:  teachers are starting up with seedlings.  Please help them out if you can.  I’m also going to need help over the break for watering.
  • Outreach:  I’m going to be presenting at the Just Food conference with Grow to Learn.  We’re doing a presentation on wooly pockets.  There is another school I’m going to next week in the Bronx.
  • Tree Beds on Grove Street:  we will look to start a street tree care workshop in April.  I’m thinking we could start at earth day or spring fling.
  • Storage Space:  I cleaned one out in the yard.  I would like to keep it for the garden committee.  I need to confirm that with Lisa.

SLT (Patricia Laraia-Chair)

  • We are working on the common core standards.
  • We are having residual conversations about the split zone.
  • We are discussing the grove street play street.


SAFETY WORKING GROUP (Nick Gottlieb for Nick Day) –

  • PA system repairs are in process, just waiting on equipment to be delivered.
  • Classroom doors locking from the inside are not allowed via fire safety.
  • Leslie Casanova safety agent in the lobby is moving on.  We are meeting with the new safety officer to discuss procedures.
  • We have a meeting with Lisa this Friday to follow up on other issues.


  • We are going for Resolution A funding from the city counsel.  We need to provide an estimate so we are going to the school construction authority who is on site now.  We have not needed to spend the money approved at last meeting yet.  The acoustic abatement will not be finished next year.  The costs are a lot higher than expected.


  • Adam Kushner’s in-house group is helping with estimates.
  • We are going for Resolution A funding from the city counsel.  We are working with the arts teachers in developing that space.  We hope to have a Phase 1 opening next year with the kilns and a new coat of paint.  By the fall of 2014 we hope to see more renovations in the space.  I do have a plan if anyone wants to look at it.   We are going to try and address the acoustics and use pressure walls.


  • Deadline to apply is March 27th.  If you’re interested contact Shino.
  • The Borough President appoints 2 members. If you have anyone in mind please send their names to Shino.


  • There was a meeting where their plans and the Durst plans were revealed.  The Pier40Campians have 2 large residential towers in their plans and there is not much support for having residents on the Pier.  The Durst plan says it will not develop residential housing.  Pier40Campians plan would require major change in legislation to get the residential component.  This will be a long process.  There have been further discussions to lighten up the residential plans in the Pier40Campions proposals.


LUNCH CLUB (Nancy fey)

  • Currently we have a chess club that has used $9,000 out of the $10,000 grant.  We are looking to see what we can do with $1,000 for the end of the year.  We are also looking into long-term lunch club projects.  Some ideas are Yoga, Video Editing, Chorus, Student Newspaper, Robotics and Language.  We are looking into adding lunch into the program so that it’s a 40minute period rather than a 20minute period.  We need to apply for the grant again for next year and the deadline maybe soon.


  • We are looking to increase it in the curriculum.


  • Next Meeting is on Tuesday April 16th.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:19pm



PS3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  February 12, 2013

Minutes Issued Date:  February 15, 2013

 Start of the Meeting: 6:27pm

PTA Co-Presidents Welcome (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

Welcome to new parents here for the first time.  Welcome to the Teachers that are here.

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.


Reading and Approval of Minutes from January 2013:  Minutes Approved.



  • Acoustics in the New Cafeteria/New Art Studio Space:  The cafeteria is on track to be finished for the fall opening.  We are trying to figure out funding for the sound in what will be the new cafeteria and how to improve the space for the art center in what is currently the cafeteria.
  • Frost Valley: is happening this week.  Everyone is excited.
  • Special Education Reform/Funding:  I met with my network leaders and we talked about the way the DOE is defunding the inclusion classes for 1st-12th grades.  Instead of funding ‘classes’ schools will receive funds based on the percentage of time each child receives special education services.  Funding for full-time integrated co-teaching services and full-time special classes will decrease while funding for part-time special education services will increase substantially.  The numbers for next year are not in yet however there was not much of an answer as to how to fund these programs. The DOE is only funding the amount of students in the class rather than the salary for the teacher for the class.  The rest of the teacher’s salary has to come from somewhere.  Parents are not as informed yet about this and there is not much press about it, yet.  The CEC is also very interested about being informed.

Nick comments:  David from the PAC is working on this as well.  We might need to apply pressure and reach out to special education advocacy groups.  Look for the PAC’s next meeting.

Question: Are you getting push back at how to change the way you write the IEP’s?

Answer:  Well no, they can’t tell us to write them.

Question: Do you have ideas of what you’re expecting in terms of cutbacks for next year?

Answer:  No.

Question: I know we are receiving free lunches for February and March, what happens with the money if kids don’t take advantage of that?  Can we use it for something else?

Answer:  Unfortunately, no.  It’s federal money and it’s from disaster relief.  It’s given out more by district and not by school.

  • Parent Surveys:  They are going out on March 4th from the DOE.  There is one survey per family and we need to get the word out as to how important it is to fill this out because they are factored into the overall school scores which then benefits the school.  It is the participation and the degree of satisfaction that matter to our grade.

Comment:   I think having them available at parent/teacher conferences is a good idea if the parents want to fill them out while at the conference. Also we could let parents know how important they are at the coffee catch.


  • What do you and your class love about PS3?

Recess with Terrance.  Books with friends.  Clay with Lenny.  Writing weekend news.  Lunch with our friends.  Choice time.  Learning everything.  Being read to from chapter books.  Celebrating birthdays.  Teachers work together and take care of each other.  Eating yummy snack that families bring in.  You learn things and its fun to paint.  I love that we get to make hearts everyday.  We get to learn.  We have good teachers, classes and friends.  Having fun.  Two word challenge.  Pizza day.  Terrance.  Play and learn.  I love outdoor recess.  I love math.  The specials.  The homework.  Work centers.  The sense of community and all the kids are happy.  Calling teachers by their first names.  Mixed aged classes.  No uniforms.  Playground.  Individuality.  The people.

  • The vacuums got delivered – thank you!

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • Safety Working Group – Nick Day Reports:  We primarily deal with safety issues stemming from a third party, or criminal element being in the building. We are working with Lisa and Regina learning what is in existence in terms of response(s) and then verify what practical assistance we can add.  Some ideas are to bring on a safety consultant, have another safety agent at the door, have an intercom system at the door, have color coded badges, see how other schools are handling these safety issues.  We are also going to reach out to our local police station, make sure we are on their radar.  We are possibly going to have an open meeting to get feedback from the parents.

Comment:  Agent Lisa Casanova says she is having push back from parents who don’t want to show their ID when entering the building.  The word then has to go out that this is now part of the process when entering the building when not at drop off or pick up times.

  • 75 Morton Development: The predicted opening is 2015.  The CEC and Community Board 2 are working to learn what the community wants to happen in terms of grade configuration along with ideas about the building itself.  We are working with PS41, PS11, PS130, PS33 and PS51.  We could use help in reaching out to the other schools.  PS11 is on board but we are lacking parent participation from the other schools.  We also want to reach out to the teachers at PS130.
    • We are in the envisioning process and want to hire a professional facilitator who will meet and write a report on the grade configuration. Cost is $1,000 for 2 meetings and the report.  We are asking to split the cost with PS41 because the other schools have either not responded or do not have the resources.  The grade configuration meetings are set to take place on March 7th and March 11th.  If you are really excited about this and want to help map out the pros and cons of the possible grade configurations please come to the meetings.   The deadline for these proposals are April 22nd after the task force will write a resolution to pass onto the DOE for it’s approval.

Proposal to spend up to $750 for the facilitator for 2 meetings and the report.  Motion to approve.  Motion passes.

  • Grove Street (Denise Collins):  We are asking that grove street be turned into a play street during the day while school is in session.  We had opposition from the residents on the street at the community board meeting. We had the DOT and the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene speak in favor of the play street and the community board voted unanimously for it. We may do a trial period of one year.  Lisa is also working on getting 2nd and 3rd graders to sign a document in support of the shared communal responsibility and of how we treat the environment and our neighbors.  The next meeting is on February 21st.  It is very important that we show up and some should be prepared to sign up to speak for 2 minuets.
  • Cafeteria Acoustics:  One item out of the charrette process from last year was that the acoustics in the gym are not good/it’s too loud.  With the new cafeteria moving into part of the gym in the fall, the acoustics are going to be very intense.  We have been working with an acoustic consultant who’s been working pro-bono in helping to identify solutions.
    • Funding:  Unfortunately, the Resolution A funding we received for the cafeteria project does not include money to fix the acoustics and since we received this funding for the project we are not a candidate for Resolution A funding this year but we are looking into more Resolution A funding for next year.  One possibility is to have the PTA fund the project however it might be around $30,000-$40,000.  We are asking to spend up to $1,000 to hire an acoustic consultant to help write a proposal to be submitted to by the end of March to the city counsel for approval.

Proposal to spend up to $1,000 for an acoustic consultant.  Motion to approve the funding.  Motion passes 

  • Basement Art Studio:  Look for a meeting from Tara.  She is working with the specials teachers to see what they envision.  We are also going to be submitting a proposal for resolution A funding.
  • Recap of the Split Zone Vote  The vote was to split the zone.  Any student who is currently here is grandfathered in as well as any siblings entering kindergarten while the older sibling is still in school.
  • Alumni Event:  Thank you to the Alumni Team for an amazing event.
    • Yin comments:  We were very surprised and excited as we had over 350 people come.  It was a great evening. People brought old school items so we are going to start and archival process. The purpose was to celebrate and mainly to create and alumni association.  We have the beginning of a clean alumni database. We launched an alumni tab on the home page.  We launched a facebook page.  We are going to eblast the alumns about the auction.  We can reach out to them for fundraising for political support.  It gives a foundation that the school can keep building upon.
    • Upcoming Events: 
      • GVA Book Fair – Sat & Sun Feb. 23 – 24
      • Louis CK – Friday March 1st at City Center – look for tickets to go on sale.  Teachers will get in for free.
      • Auction – Friday March 8th at Angel Orensanz

AUCTION (Henry & Jocelyn):  We want to get more parents involved.  We talked about different ways to reach out (via the class parents, maybe have a family morning where parents could be hear more about helping, volunteering, maybe get Lisa and the teachers to impart to parents how important raising funds are, making announcements during publishing parties, etc.) and the style in which to address the parents.

  • Teachers will be admitted for free.
  • Any family who cannot afford to go will be also allowed to attend.
  • Online bidding starts March 1st.
  • We are going to have a live auctioneer.
  • Look for the next auction meeting.  Please attend.

BOOK FAIR (Carrie Coakley)

  • It’s 2 days February 23rd and 24th.  We have 35 vendors so far.  This will be our 4th largest fundraiser.
  • We need volunteers to help with food, coats, running tickets.  Babysitting will be available for volunteers.
  • Admission is $10 on Saturday, which is good for both days and $5 on Sunday.
  • We need help handing out fliers.  The postcards, bookmarks and posters are in the lobby.  Please help hand them out.

TREASURER’s REPORT (Anna Rice-Yaffee): 

  • We got in a little over $5,000 for the 3Fund.
  • We got in almost $10,000 for the GV book fair.
  • We received the money for the pictures and money for the marathon

NOMINATING COMMITTEE:  It has been convened, the only criteria to be on the committee is that you cannot run for a PTA position.

MARCH FOR CHANGE:  Is happening in CT, they are trying very hard to change the gun laws. You can go to and sign the petition.  They are looking for support and need our help.


  • PIER40CHAMPIONS.ORG:  Please view the presentation.   We are meeting with elected officials and I would love for someone to liaison with the pier40 champs and PS3.
  • CEC APPLICATIONS:  Are being accepted from February 13 – March 13. Go to cdec2net for more information or to submit your application.
  • NEW eBlast FORMAT:  There is a new look.  There are still only 2 eBlasts a week going out.
  • NEXT PTA MEETING:  Will be on March 12th the same day we have Parent/Teacher conferences.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm



PS 3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  January 15, 2013

Minutes Issued Date: January 24, 2013

 Start of the Meeting: 6:21pm

PTA Co-Presidents Welcome (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

Welcome to new parents here for the first time.

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes from December 2012:  Minutes Approved.


  • School Bus Strike:  Looks like it is going to happen tomorrow.  We are sending metro cards home for those students who ride the bus.
  • Flu:  We have a lot of people going home sick both students and adults since before the holiday break.  We are reminding people to wash hands and sing the happy birthday song twice.  That is what is needed to kill the germs.
  • Money:  I have received the 2nd installment from the PTA money given for assistant teachers.  We have 3 ½, Doug and Hannah and Brooke.  Hannah and Brooke are certified to teach and to teach special needs.  Ragula who is a former PS3 parent is here part time working in the art program.
  • Zoning:  There is a new map with new lines drawn. The new map divides the area more north and south.

Nick comments:  The final public comment section and vote will finally take place on January 23rd at PS33 at 6:30pm.  We are encouraging folks to send emails and to attend the meeting and speak out. We are specifically asking families with younger children and NYU faculty to make their voices heard.  NYU is on record opposing the split zone.  Please get the word out.  Raise awareness and educate. The counsel really wants to hear from the people who will be directly affected.  If we can encourage teachers to go to this meeting that would be very powerful.  Just to say why PS3 is unique and different from other schools you’ve taught at.  Teachers have credibility. They want to hear about to split or not to split and to hear about the lines they’ve drawn themselves. Enrollment process and capping is the real issue.  Please send an email to to let her know if you’re going to the zoning meeting.

Susan comments:  PS3 is unique, experimental and different if you’re sending an email focus on that.

Lisa comments:  Please put forward how the school is different and give your opinion in the event of a split zone.  It’s not just about the number of seats.  It’s suggested to get the word out to local politicians as well.  Also suggested is to have the teachers at the next staff meeting write down what makes PS3 unique, sign their names next to it and send it via email.  We have been trying for the last 2 weeks to set up a meeting between the office of student enrollment, administrators and PS41 about how the process for enrollment will work for the next school year.

We have started the 4th grade afterschool tutorial program.

  • Breakfast with Lisa:  Is on Friday February 1st.  Please submit questions before the meeting to Dana and Allison.  This allows me time to research the answer is need be.

Question:  Is there an update about returning money to the DOE?

Answer:  They are estimating that they want $50K back or more.  The DOE is now only providing funding per capita so if a child needs to be in an intergraded co-teaching class and that class is not full there is not full funding provided. IEP is a legal mandate that must be followed and we are but we don’t have the funding for it.  I have not given the money back yet however they will most likely take the money out of my budget for next year.

  • Safety Working Group:  Stemming from the Newtown, CT tragedy, a safety working group has been formed and will be working with me.  They will be the point for thoughts, ideas and issues for safety concerns.  There is a building response team that was formed from Homeland Security after 9/11.  Regina heads it up and goes to training sessions.  From this the kids get trained in safety with a light touch.

Nick Day comments:  Personally I have been motivated to step up based on the CT tragedy.  This group is for what if a criminal or an unaccounted 3rd party enters the school.  What other safety concerns are there and is the staff prepared.  For example, we need to make sure the substitute teachers are adequately trained to fit into the response team.

  • Fire safety: Presentation from a local firehouse happened last week.

Nick comments:  We are pursing the use of Grove street as a play street.  The proposal is to use the street from 10:30am – 2pm Monday – Friday.  Denise Collins is spearheading the effort.  I think she already has it on the agenda for the February CB2 meeting.  If you have a little bit of time and, or energy to help Denise (like counting cars that are on grove to determine a traffic pattern) please be in touch with her. We need to out reach to the Bedford and grove street associations as well.

PARENT COORDINATOR REPORT (Nick Gottlieb for Terry Spring-Robinson)

  • Licenders is coming on January 24th and 25th.  We need parent volunteers.  Please stop by room 310 to help.


  • Loose change:  We made $1,600 and we would like to buy 2 vacuum cleaners for the 2nd floor.

Nick comments:  A portion of the loose change is going out to Gerristen Beach Elementary School and to a school in the Rockaways.

Anna comments:  I’d like to propose to spend up to $1,000 on vacuum cleaners.

Motion to approve to spend up to $1,000 for vacuums.  Motion passes.

This month’s statement:  What are your goals or resolutions…

  • We are focusing on being healthy and enjoying learning
  • Learn to take care of each other and other living things
  • Be nice to everyone everyday
  • To put things into perspective
  • Using our words
  • Be safe, learn and have fun
  • To have a great day every day
  • To continue growing and learning together as a community.
  • To make sure my 1st graders are ready for 2nd grade.
  • Everyone is working hard and having a great time

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • 75 Morton: There is a meeting on Thursday1/17 at 6:30pm at PS41 to imagine and brainstorm what this school could be.  It is an opportunity for different communities and others to come together and discuss potential scenarios.  The school has a potential to seat 1,000 children.  There are question marks as to how and when this school will be. Maybe it could be 6th-12the grade combined middle and, or high school or multiple middle schools. There is tremendous incentive for us to get involved and to discuss how we all might envision this facility.  If you can’t attend the meeting go on the website to send emails with you comments.
  • Upcoming events:
    • Breakfast with Lisa on Friday Feb. 1st.
    • Alumni Panel Event Saturday Feb. 2nd.
    • GVA Book Fair at PS3 on Saturday and Sunday Feb. 23rd and 24th. This event is looking for volunteers.  Please get in touch with Kirk if interested.
    • Louis CK performance at the City Center on Friday March 1st.  Details on tickets are to come.  Teachers will get in for free and tickets will be priced in 2 tiers.  $40-$45 for general admission and $60-$65 for seats in the first few rows.
    • Auction at Angel Orensanz on Friday March 8th.
    • Theater Benefit rescheduled for late April.
    • Spring Fling tentative date Saturday May 11th.

Yin Comments:  The Alumni Panel event will be here on Saturday Feb. 2nd from 4-7pm.  We have been able to convince founders, politicians and the media to attend.  This is a great showcase to see what’s unique about PS3.  The larger strategy is to set PS3 up as an educational model because what’s taught here is what you need to thrive in a society.  The event is to celebrate PS3.  Our panel and moderator is made up of people who are very successful and PS3 gave the core education, out of the box thinking, that put them on their way.  Spread the word.  There will be childcare.  It will be a fun night.  Come to the event.   It’s going to be a celebration. We are aiming for 300 people.

Proposal to pay for food:  The money we have in our budget is paying for the Audio/Visual aspect of the event so we want to ask for $999 to pay for food.  Nothing too fancy food wise and we are trying for donations from surrounding restaurants.  This money request covers food and soft drinks.  Motion to approve the $999 for food and drink.  Motion passes with 1 abstention.

We are also looking for someone who wants to video for free.

Nick comments:  To have teachers there is also very important to the alumns.

Teacher’s comment:  The only issue that it’s on a Saturday.

Jocelyn Anker comments:  The Auction is on Friday March 8th.  We want to raise money and to have a really good time.  Information is coming on how to help.  Please let me know if you want to volunteer.  We got official confirmation that the blue ribbon brand will be sponsoring the food.  We are working on the alcohol part but it will come together.  BidPal is a new digital auction software that will be used the night of the auction via a downloaded app or taking a hand held device and you’ll be able to manage your bids from there.  We are also going to do a wine poll where for $20 you buy a bottle of wine on your way out.  Retail prices of the wines will be from $40 and up.

Mike Rover speaks:  For the procurement team if you have anything to offer please do.  Ex: donation of a country home, box suite at the Barclay center, gift card to a restaurant, etc.


  • 3Fund:  We have donation of $112,000 and $60,000 came in over the last month.


  • Environmental Art Day: coming in April or May and will be with Lupe and Lenny.  We are collecting ideas, one idea is to have a parent who makes furniture make it with alternative sources and then make that furniture with all the classes or a few classes.  Please let us know other ideas if you have them.
  • New Art Studio:  will be in the old cafeteria.  This project is open to new ideas.  We want it to be something great for the arts program.  If you have thoughts, talk to me.   We need to chat about how we are going to pay for this.  Even just a paint job is expensive.  Meeting is on January 30th at 8:30am in the cafeteria.  Come to discuss ideas.

Suggestion:  you might want to involve Frank to verify that you can do what you want to with the space.

Nick comments:  Lisa also needs to be in the loop as to ideas as to where it’ll go.


  • PS3 Facebook page:  permission slips will be going home soon to opt in or opt out to allow children’s photo’s to be used on the new PS3 Facebook page.  We want to launch before the alumni event.  This will raise our profile as a school.
  •  We are going to be asking people to go to to write in and write positive things about our school.  This needed for branding for PS3.


  • It has been formed and the official chairs are Teresa OK & Indiana Bervis.  If anyone interested in joining please talk to them, or Liz or Sue.


  • March for Change (via Anna):  a coalition of activists supporting the enactment of safer gun legislation in CT is having a march on Thursday Feb. 14th in Hartford, CT.  If you can go to the website and sign the petition.  Tell your friends.  Try to get all involved.
  • Demand to Plan:  This is another campaign to end gun violence.  The petition for this program will go out on Thursday.
  • Gasland the Movie:  We have an opportunity to show this movie it is about fracking.  Please see me if you want to be involved.


The head of this committee would like to hear from parents on the bathroom issues.  Please email Amy at


  • New mushroom project: We got logs that the mushrooms will go in and those logs will be going into the classrooms. It takes months for the mushrooms to sprout.  There was tremendous interested in this project and the mushrooms last for a few years.  This is to explore and harvest the mushrooms.
  • Grow to learn:  they will be planting seeds next month and will need watering after.  Tara suggests that maybe a lunch club to do watering of the seeds.

LIBRARY COMMITTEE (Dana Abraham for Jackie)

  • New Library System:  We would like vote on the new library software system proposed at last months meeting.  The new system is a web-based system that can be accessed from any computer in the classroom or at home.  Most NYC schools have this system.   Last month we asked for $5,179 with a $650 annual cost after installation.  Jackie did some research and found a pilot program called My Library NYC, DOE.  The director of this program said we can sign up and pay $800 and they will upgrade the library system.  There are some extra items that we are interested in purchasing to assist this web-based program.  Those additional costs are a one time only fee of $700.  I would like to revise the proposal to spend up to $2,000 total.  $800 for the system and the rest for the extra services after the new system has been installed.  We found that Lisa has a budget that will absorb the ongoing annual maintenance fee.  After we get the new system in place we will need to inventory all we have in the library.

Motion to approve the $2,000 for the new library software system.  Motion passes.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:23pm




PS3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  December 11, 2012

Minutes Issued Date:  December 14, 2012

 Start of the Meeting: 6:28pm

PTA Co-Presidents Welcome (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

Welcome to new parents here for the first time.

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes from November 2012:  Minutes Approved.



  • Chicken pox: a few cases have been reported here at school.  According to the Department of Health if your child has not been immunized they are not allowed to be in school during the incubation period, which as of now, takes us into the Holiday Break.  95% of our students have documented immunization and some have documented exemptions.

Question:  what allows for an exemption?

Answer:  it comes from the Department of Health and it is usually based on religion. Exemption means they can attend school under normal circumstances but they are not allowed to attend during the incubation period if there is an outbreak.  If there are more questions ask Tricia the school nurse.

  • Question & Answer session: 

Question:  why don’t we have a gifted and talented program?

Answer: I think elementary students learning from each other, learning different strengths about each other, working on social learning as well as academic learning is where true learning happens.  I think this works best for all students on all levels.

  • Construction update:  it’s moving along.  Unfortunately, our contractor’s office was flooded in SI but luckily it only set us back about a week.  Substantial completion is still projected for May 2013.  There are inquiries to try and get acoustic paneling, we’re hopeful that will happen.  There was a small dust issue in one of the classrooms but they corrected it.
  • Break-in:  There was a break-in in Natasha’s classroom.  Money was stolen from the locked closet in her locked classroom.  She had cash locked up from the jog-a-thon for frost valley and cooking room money.  The PTA has replaced the cooking room money and the frost valley funds will not affect students who want to attend.  We are now encouraging teachers to not keep cash in the classrooms as well as encouraging parents to pay with checks instead of cash.
  • School safety agent/security in the lobby:  The agent we had has left and I’m not certain if we have a new permanent staff member but we do have someone who is consistently there.
  • Alumni panel:  We are going to hold an alumni panel on Saturday February 2nd here in the auditorium.  It is not a fundraising activity although there will be a fundraising presence.  It is to bring together the alumni of the school.  We are putting a panel together that will most likely be hosted by Calvin Trillin.  We are planning it as an afternoon or early evening event.  If you know any alumni send the names and any info to  We are sending out a save the date via email on 12/20.

PARENT COORDINATOR REPORT (Nick Gottlieb for Terry Spring-Robinson)

  • eBlast Guidelines:  in an ongoing effort to reduce the frequency and volume of the eBlasts there are new guidelines.  eBlasts will be going out on Tuesday and Friday mornings only.  All information for the eBlasts are due on Monday or Thursday afternoon.  The eBlasts will be limited to 5 posts and each post will have a limited number of characters.  There will be no exceptions as far as the deadline except health and safety issues (ex:  chicken pox eBlast today) and critical school wide issues.   More discretion will be used in terms of what gets sent out.  For example:  information on a wine tasting will be put on the PS3 website while meetings, activities, planning information will go out vie eBlast.
  • Community Board 2 Hannah Friedman: community liaison from Scott Stingers office makes presentation on available CB2 positions. We are currently accepting applications for community board appointments.   We are having 3 information sessions.  The first one is this Thursday December 14th.  The time commitment is one full board meeting a month and one or two committee meetings monthly.  Meetings are in the evening on weekdays.  You don’t have to live in the area, if you work or have children that go to school in CB2 zone you can apply.  Being on the board is a great opportunity to help shape the community that will have a lasting impression as to how the village turns out over the next many decades.  Please email me at for more information.

TEACHER’S REPORT (Michelle for Susan Soler)

This months’ statement is:  In December…

We are thankful for each other

We are working on being risk takers

We are sharing family traditions

We are getting used to having full weeks of school

We are celebrating the month by giving

We are being joyful each day.


Teachers please raise your hands…state your names and what class you teach.  Thank you for being here.

  • Andrea (Teacher) proposal:  There is a Yale improve performance group called Viola Question that would like to perform for the students on January 9th at 1:30pm.  We would like them to perform for the entire school but since we do not all fit in the auditorium we are inviting 2-5th graders only.  We are looking into adding a 2nd performance for the Pre-K-1st graders but that depends on Jessica, who teaches games, schedule.  In order for them to perform they need some expense money to cover the cost of travel and food.  I’m asking for $400.

Motion to approve the $400 for expenses.  Motion passes with 1 objection.

  • Change for Change:  This year we are raising money for Hurricane Sandy relief.  This is a great way to get the students to learn math.   They learn to round up and to estimate money.   The students are also able to understand that these coins that they are handling will go directly to those in need. See Nick if you are interested in working on this project.

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • Hurricane Sandy relief:  We had the bake sale and relief drive on Election Day. Money from that went to buy blankets and hot meals for families at Westbeth.    We had the square dance raise money (about $4200) where one third of the money went to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance/Rockaway Youth Task Force.  Another one third of the money went to the Gerristen Beach Elementary School and the final third of the money went to the Battery Conservancy/ Urban Farm whose offices were completely wiped out.   The donations for the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance/Rockaway Youth Task Force and for the Gerristen Beach Elementary were made in the way of gift cards and a check was made out to the Battery Conservancy.  We had a Wicked Willy’s fundraiser and we will be providing a bonus to Bruce our music teacher whose basement apt flooded.
    • Hurricane sandy book drive:  is still going on through this Friday.  Please put the books in the gym just outside the parent’s closet.  The focus is on children’s books but you can bring adult books too.  They are being distributed to areas where libraries were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.
    • Rezoning proposal:  Foundling zone was voted on 12/6 and passed 6 to 3 and will carve out its own district starting in 2014.  Those in the Foundling district will no longer be zoned for PS3 or PS41.   On Wednesday 12/19 the CEC will be voting on weather or not to split the PS3 and PS41 zone.  For those already in PS3 or PS41 they will be grandfathered into their schools.  We are trying to reach out to the community on this issue of choice and to pre-school families.   The CEC really wants to hear from preschool families who will be affected by this change.  Feel free to email and please attend the meeting.  There is a perception that PS3’s position and view is not as robustly represented as other schools.  We had a great turn out at the last meeting and we made a lot of strong points.  Please post fliers and get the word out to local preschools.  We really want the community to be involved and to know what’s at stake. If you do attend the meeting please sign up to speak.  There is also childcare at the meeting and pizza.  If you cannot attend the meeting on 12/19 please send emails this week since the vote is soon.
    • Acoustic Treatment: we are working on addressing the acoustic issue in the new cafeteria and we may be coming to the PTA for funding.  We are working with an acoustic consultant and some contractors and trying to see how we would get it all done.  There is no guarantee we can get it done but it is something that was on the top of the list from the Charrette last spring.
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Alumni panel on 2/2.
      • Theater benefit:  we are working on a new venue since it will not be at Cherry Lane.
      • The GVABF will happen on a shortened schedule.  Vendors will be paying less.  There won’t be setting up until after pick up on Friday afternoon.
      • Louis CK show is tentatively on for 3/1 at City Center.  Parents will get first dibs on tickets and teachers will be free.
      • Auction is on 3/8.  The first meeting is on Wednesday 12/12 after drop off in the parents room 408.  Show up and help out if you can.


  • 3Fund:  We received over $30K in donations this past month.  It’s down from last year because of losing a week from Hurricane Sandy.
  • Election Day bake sale:  As mentioned we made over $1K for hurricane sandy relief and bought blankets and hot meals for families at Westbeth.
  • NYC Marathon brought in $7K and netted close to $6k as some money paid for the bibs.

COOKING ROOM (Marion Rosenfeld)

  • Phase I Remodel Proposal:  this proposal is for getting rid of wood shelves and bringing in metro shelving.  Upgrading plumbing & electric, getting hotter water.  The cooking room is raising 1/3rd of the money.  PS3to6 has committed 1/3rdof the money and we are asking the PTA to give 1/3rd of the money.  Total cost is about $10K.  Renovations could happen as early as spring break.  Phase 11 would be another $15K to upgrade equipment (larger fridge, dishwasher).  The request is for up to $3500 and we won’t spend above that.  Motion to vote.  Motion passes. 


  • New Library system:  In 1998 we put in a system called Athena and it is no longer in existence thus, it’s time to make a change.  The new system is Destiny and it is a web based system that can be accessed from any computer.  I’ll be able to order ebooks and the students will be able to look up books at home and in the classroom.  Most NYC schools have this system.  Tomorrow, Wednesday 12/12 there will be a demonstration of this system in the Library if you are interested please stop by.  The package costs $5,179 with a $650 annual cost after installation.  We have not used our library budget over the past many years so we are now asking for this new system.  This proposal would revolutionize our library as we know it and will help us keep up with other schools across the country.

Question:  doesn’t the DOE pay for it?  Do all the public schools in NYC have these library systems paid for by the PTA?

Answer:  good question we should look into it further.  I do know that the PTA did pay for Athena.


  • Look for the Facebook consent form via backpack mail.  Completion of these forms will allow us to launch our PS3 Facebook page after the holiday.

SLT (Patricia)

  • If you do come to the 12/19 rezoning meeting please sign in to speak.


  • Bathrooms:  Belgium style target practice stickers for the toilet have been ordered.  It is going to take a few weeks to get in and Frank said he will install them once they arrive.
  • Amazon donations program:  Over the next few weeks we are working on having an Amazon portal link up, on the PS3 website.  If you buy on Amazon via this portal, PS3 will receive up to 10% donation.

 Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm




 Meeting Date:  November 13, 2012

Minutes Issued Date November 16, 2012

 Start of the Meeting: 6:27pm

PTA Co-Presidents Welcome (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes from October 2012:  Minutes Approved.


  • Hurricane Sandy Relief/Updates:  There were staff members who were affected by Sandy, we have a few families that have been away, we are expecting them to trickle back in and we have a couple new families joining our school who’ve relocated because of Sandy.  There are a delightful number of people in our community who truly understands what it means to be a community especially with the response to Sandy that I’ve been seeing.  Now we need to keep awareness of what’s happened and also get back to some sense of normalcy.
  • Classroom updates:  classes are getting back into their lessons.  It has been a start/stop motion so far this year.  Today I observed an upper class and watched a very engaging math lesson.  It was at the end of the day and it was great to see them so involved.  It made me very happy and we want to continue to see this.
  • Zoning:  I think the SLT has put out a great plan of zone plus choice, which would allow us to admit the students in our zone and if there are seats available we would have a choice process in place so that someone who does not live in the zone can apply.  They can be picked by lottery and we would leave some spaces for walk-ins.  We could limit the out of zone students to district 2 only. We’ll see what the DOE thinks.  We are not certain as to what response we will get.  There are meetings coming up regarding this issue.  The first is on Thursday November 16th and the second is on Monday November 19th.  Please attend these meetings if possible.  Speak to Patricia as we would like to get a delegation of parents to attend both meetings.  It is important to attend.  We need to support our point and if we don’t show up then it looks like we don’t care.

Question:  what the impact of the zoning will be to PS3?

Answer: we do not know what it’ll be as far as the numbers go.  The DOE does not seem to have a scientific formula for projection.   A mapping of current PS3 families was laid out based on the DOE zone lines drawn and it was found that 300 current families live out of the PS3 zone.  PS41 drew the same map and found 200 families live out of their zone.

  • Questions/Answers:
    • Emotional Temperature – There were questions about some students being more reactive than normal, showing signs of high stress, or heightened emotionally, how to identify these behaviors and the best way to handle it.  The answers were to use the resources available from Susan Korn (Guidance) and Margaret Gould Kron (Social Support).  It was mentioned that the teachers are aware of this and are working on getting back to standard routines, which should also help.  It was noted that some parents have also been experiencing heightened emotions (some liking it to a water-down version of 9/11) and to be sensitive to that around the students and to reinforce being good and kind to one another.
    • School Calendar – A parent asked if the school year was going to be extended based on missing a week of school because of Hurricane Sandy.  The answer is that the school has not yet been informed of how the DOE is going to handle those missing days.  It’s speculated that we will not have to make up those days.

PARENT COORDINATOR (Terry Spring-Robinson)

  • Hurricane Sandy Relief:  I’m just so proud of our community.  I have so many emails from parents who just want to help.
  • Lunch Club:  We are starting a chess club (brought to us by NY Chess) for the 2/3’s and a 4/5’s and I’m going to need some parent volunteers to help with the club itself as well as the transition time.  It’s going to be a 50 minute period during lunch and recess.  It’s beginning next week, will last through the end of the semester and will start up again for the 2nd semester.

Question:  how did the students get signed up?

Answer:  the teachers asked the students if they wanted to sign up and all interested did.

Nick comments:  lunch clubs are starting to allow for another option during lunch/recess.  Chess is the pilot program and we are hoping that PS3til6 will administer more lunch clubs.  We’ll see how this program goes.

TEACHERS’ REPORT:  (Susan Soler)

This month, we would like to let the parents know what we are thankful for and how we are doing.

  • Thank you for the time to play.
  • Hard to get into routine with so many days off.
  • Thankful to all be safe and alive.
  • Thankful that we have our homes.
  • Happy that we are learning a lot.
  • Thankful that our school is ok.
  • Thankful for being a part of a supportive community.
  • Thankful that I’m not hurt.
  • Thankful that we are learning about volcanoes.
  • Glad we play with Legos.
  • Glad we play with our friends.
  • Thankful for our parents.
  • Thankful for our power being on.
  • Thankful for Obama winning.
  • Thankful to give toys to little children.
  • Thankful for cooking.
  • Thankful for Marion to getting the cooking room together.

PRESIDENTS’ REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • Welcome to new parents.
  • Hurricane Sandy’s Impact & Relief:  Although we were not directly hit, we have several teachers who were affected and my view is that the community has rallied and come together and it’s been amazing.  From the bake sale on Election Day to the relief drive that took place.  We took money from the bake sale and purchased electric blankets for residents at Westbeth and we gave the other half to tea and sympathy to give hot meals to those in Westbeth.  Parents were making their own relief runs throughout the area & parents were helping get absentee ballots to those who needed in Westbeth.  It’s been amazing to see.  We also involved the students, Jessica had a few of her games classes sort the drive donations.  Thank you to Sandra Schwartz who’s spearheaded, been in charge of coordinating the drive and our relief efforts.
    •  Comment: teachers have identified buddy schools and classrooms in hard hit areas that they will be reaching out to and continue to do so throughout the rest of the school year.  Also, we have identified the Rockaway Youth Task Force as a possible partner.
    • Bruce Mack Fundraiser – Wicked Willy’s:  The Wednesday following Thanksgiving (11/28) there will be a fundraiser for Bruce Mack our beloved music teacher who’s basement apartment was flooded in Staten Island.  He lost everything including all his instruments.
    • Square Dance:  The square dance is now also a costume ball. Admission is free however we will have a bake sale where proceeds will also go to the sandy relief efforts.  Let’s try and get a really great turn out.

Sue comments:  The sign up sheets are up, please sign up to help.  We need food servers.  Please bring desserts as they are sold.

  • Zoning:  As Lisa mentioned the SLT put together a plan of zone plus choice.  There is going to be a conference call tomorrow (11/14) to discuss this option as to how this has been done at other schools.  We will know a lot more as to how viable the zone plus choice is after this call.  If they say no, then we may say that we cannot support the zone split.  Instead, there should be a new zone for the foundling school and see what the enrollment is after they go online.  It is crucial that we mobilize as a community and attend these hearings.
    • General Discussion/Q&A:  a general discussion and questions and answer were raised as to what is zone plus choice, what happens if we can’t get the zone plus choice option (current families would be grandfathered in and we would become a school with a smaller zone only to satisfy the families in the zone), and why are we willing to give up the current shared zone as this school was founded based on having a choice.  Overall it seems the DOE & CEC will be splitting the zone thus now is an opportunity for us to push our choice through.   For those passionate about this issue they should attend the upcoming meetings.  It is very important to have our collective voices heard on this matter.  PS41’s message is that it’s an impossible administrative challenge to manage this large shared zone.   It was agreed that some talking points will be sent out via Terry for the upcoming meetings.  It was also mentioned to try and reach out to families with younger children who will be affected by the split zone and have them come to the meetings.


  • Income:  We had over $7,000 come in for the 3Fund.  The NYC Marathon is only showing $1,800 but I understand there is more.  Also the SI Yankees came in.

Comment:  A special thank you to Josh Morton for the SI Yankees event.  It was a great night and we made some money.

COOKING ROOM (Marion Rosenfeld)

  • Phase I Remodel Proposal:  we want to get rid of the wood cabinets especially because bugs love wood.  The cooking room is getting a lot of use, there are 8 classes this semester plus PS3til6 has a program and some other teachers are using it on their own.  These plans for renovations have been approved by the DOE and Lisa and we want to fund this renovation via a 3way split with a non-profit, PS3til6 and the PTA.  This first phase will be for metro shelving and plumbing.  We are proposing to get this underway.

Question:  what about insurance on this project?

Answer:  Adam Kushner put together these plans, he’s certified for construction by the DOE to do the work and I believe he has it covered.


  • From the charrette process foreign language was an identified thus, we are currently in the research and brainstorming phase to get this going.  Please join us.  One idea is to have PS3til6 have a Spanish, Mandarin and, or, Chinese program, another idea is a dual language program and another idea is to have a foreign language lunch club.


  • Marathon Team:  We have 5 bibs that will now be running the Philadelphia Marathon this Sunday.  Philly opened slots for New York Marathoners.  The team has raised over $8,000 and most of that comes from outside the community.
  • Louis CK:  He is still on board to do a benefit.  He’s looking for a venue and a date.  It’ll either be in December or January.  Teachers will get in for free and PS3 parents get first dibs on the tickets.
  • 3Fund:  This is our single largest fundraiser.  Hurricane Sandy put us in a difficult position because we are all giving efforts to the relief however we must maintain focus on raising this money.  We will be starting to push to give after Thanksgiving and we are looking for 100% participation.
  • Pop Up Shop:  This is being moved to the Spring.
  • Auction:  We need food.  Zac Pelaccio traditionally has been behind getting it for us for this event however he is busy opening a new restaurant upstate so we are looking for various vendors along with a curator to help.
  • Antiquarian Book Fair:  We are looking for help.  The person who runs it has stepped down this year.  It takes place over winter break.  We get money from outside PS3.    If you’re interested please reach out.  If you can help, it’ll mean setting up tables and making sure dealers are happy and have what they need.  We are also looking to broaden it.


  • We have merged the media strategy committee and communications committee.  It meets on the last Friday of the month.  Social media, alumni panel, rapid response team, database, etc.  Look for permission slips to approve use of your kids photos on facebook.


  • Battery Farm offices were destroyed by sandy.  We’re not sure the impact but we will see how it goes.  We want to see how we can help them.

 WELLNESS COMMITTEE (Susan Buttenwieser)

  • School Food:  school lunch is free for November and deliveries have resumed.   There is an audit currently being conducted based on new federal guidelines on school lunches.  It should be complete in December after we hope to get back to some similar menus as to the ones over the last couple of years.  I’ve also been meeting with other schools who have the WITS program and we are working towards making healthy school lunches a reality for all NYC public schools.

LUNCH/RECESS (Kate Brady):

  • Paper Cups:  Monday at 2pm we have a meeting along with the green committee and we are going to talk about getting rid of the paper cups in the cafeteria.  We are pushing for bringing in reusable water bottles.  We are going through up to 200 cups a day.  We are suggesting in sending 2 water bottles.  We have offered a PS3 water bottle to anyone who cannot afford a water bottle.
  • Parent Volunteers:  we still need parent volunteers in the cafeteria.  Get the word out.  K/1’s and 2/3’s need it.  Parents need to help guide them and help them at the salad bar.


  • Square Dance:  we are going to have a table for arts and crafts.
  • SAIR:  the proposal form is complete and will go out tomorrow.  Teachers have $1,100 to use this year.
  • New Art Studio:  We are meeting next week to start to gather ideas and information for the new art studio in what is currently the cafeteria.  If you want to be involved and have strong ideas please reach out.
  • Assistant Art Teacher:  with our PTA dollars that we granted to Lisa we hired an assistant art teacher who is fantastic.

 PAC (David Rosenberg)

  • Zoning:  Please note the times of the meetings and please come.
  • 75 Morton:  this meeting is postponed until January.  We are going to have a great forum coming in mid December.

SLT (Patricia Laraia):

  • Zoning:  Please show up at these meetings.  The DOE needs to hear your voice, not just our voice but your voice.   The first meeting is on Thursday 11/15 at 6:30pm at PS130 (143 Baxter Street) and the second meeting in on Monday 11/19 at 6:30pm at PS41 (116 West 11th Street).

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm



PS3 PTA – Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date:  October 16, 2012

Minutes Issued Date October 22, 2012


Start of the Meeting: 6:23pm


PTA Co-Presidents Welcome (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)


Approval of Agenda:  Agenda approved.


Reading and Approval of Minutes from September 2012:  Minutes Approved.



  • The cafeteria construction is under way as is the fire system upgrade.
  • Lenny, for this year, is located on the 5th floor.  He is teaching art for those who are not seeing Lupe this semester so all students are having dedicated art time.
  • Assistant Teachers:  We have the 3 assistant teachers from last year back this year.  We also have a new teaching assistant for art who is previously a PS3 parent (her child has graduated).  She is the reason why we have the SAIR program and she also teaches in the afterschool program.
  • Lunch clubs:  We are looking to start lunch clubs for 2nd – 5th graders.  We had a meeting with City Chess and they are interested in doing a club.  We are going start with them and see how it goes.
  • DOE Budget:  We are having significant issues with the budget because the DOE wants money back.  It’s largely because our overall class size is lower.  Some classes have 30 students while others have 25.  This happened because last spring we were told there was a long wait list for incoming kindergarten students in our zone and thus could we accommodate an additional kindergarten class.  We gave up a Pre-K class to make room for this accommodation and through a series of miscommunications over the summer those students who were on the wait list eventually were absorbed by PS41.  Now that our overall class size is smaller, since we did not take in those additional students, the DOE wants money back.  We are not the only school who is having this issue.  If you over project the budget to the DOE they say you must give the money back.  We did have some money aside for this but not as much they want back.  I am in touch with the District Superintendent, I had a meeting with the PTA budget committee and we all understand that the goal is to support the programs that are already in place. The PTA has money set aside for this budget cut however I don’t yet know how it will play out.
  • Zoning:  Last year there was discussion about splitting the zones between PS3 and PS41.  This community was opposed to splitting the zone.  This year the DOE has reintroduced the idea of splitting the zones.  A proposal has been made and now there will be two public comment meetings to discuss the proposal.  The first meeting is on Wednesday October 24th at 6:30pm here at PS3 in the Auditorium.  The second meeting is on Tuesday October 30th at 6:30pm at PS130.  The SLT will be meeting this Friday to discuss this proposal as well as discuss how the DOE came to draw the lines for the zones.  That meeting should produce a consensus from which a prepared statement can be made and submitted for these upcoming public meetings.
    • Shino comments:  It is possible that the CECD2 will tweak the drawn zone lines but it all depends on the feedback from the community.  Also, if you have a child already in the school this does not affect you or your child’s sibling(s) as long as the older child overlaps with the younger.  If you’re child is in Kindergarten they will be grandfathered in.  If you have a child who graduates from 5th grade in June and their younger sibling enters Kindergarten in September then they are not grandfathered in.

My thoughts are administratively it’s been very difficult having a shared zone.  There has been repeated information put out that we are doing something wrong and if having the shared zone keeps making us wrong then I’m not crazy about it.   I would also prefer, if we do split the zone that there be a provision for students who don’t live in the zone be able to come here if there is room.  Again, this is my perspective.  I’m giving it back to the community to see what they come up with.

Nick comments:  Look for news from the PAC and from Patricia, one of the chairs of the SLT.

  • School Progress Report:  We got our 2nd C in a row.  I am putting together a letter that will be going out to the school community as a whole explaining what this means.  We looked at the test scores and the students did rather well but not enough scores went up from 4-5th grade.  Most stayed the same but scores are only counted if they go up.  In response, the 5th grade teachers are already looking at what the kids can do better on. We are going to have more test prep for 5th grade. We do a dedicated after school test prep for 4th grade.  We may add that for 5th grade.

Question:  Is the DOE funding affected by the grade?

Answer:  No, but if we get 3 C’s in a row it could effect us.  They then might interfere in how we run the school.

Nick comments:  If you have questions about the validity of this testing I encourage you to get involved with the PAC.

  • School Yard:  Historically using the yard after school hours has been a great place to play.  However, we currently have some issues with the afterschool program needing to get onto the yard on time.  The request has been made to have the afterschool program begin at 3:35 instead of 3:45pm (which is what it is now).    There were many conversations that led to this compromise so as of now, on Monday – Thursday afterschool will begin at 3:35 and on Friday at 2:45.  When the PS3 ‘til 6 staff ask you to leave, please be kind, courteous and gather your children, your things and go.

Nick comments:  Teachers, please raise your hand.  We have tons of them in the room tonight (applause).


Monthly Question:  Do you have any suggestions that could enhance our school environment?

  • Soap and paper towel dispensers in the 2nd floor bathroom.
  • On Friday have volunteers to help clean some of the classrooms.
  • Redo the library by painting it and make it cozy.
  • Please have someone remove fliers from the walls when the event is over.
  • K/1 bathrooms need to be cleaned throughout the day.
  • Planting trees.
  • Have video games throughout the school.
  • Make rules different.
  • No computers in the hallway.
  • Decorate for Halloween.
  • No cell phones in the hallway.
  • Parents use the parent room and not the hallway.
  • Pick up at the time that it is pick up – alleviate the traffic.
  • Be on time for drop off.
  • Give positive feedback to the community instead of complaints.

Nick comments:  We did convene a potty committee last year.  Please see Susan Stover if you are interested in joining.  The custodial staff had agreed to clean the bathrooms twice daily and we will double check to make sure that is happening.  A third cleaning may need to be added.  Parents and kid education should also be addressed, as this is not just a custodial issue.

Ruby (computer teacher) comments:  Last year I had my 2nd and 3rd graders make nice posters about what do to.   I can have them make more and put them up.


  • We are having elections for a new parent Member-at-Large on the PTA Executive Board and for a member to serve on the SLT.  We have 2 nominees for each position.  Any additional nominations from the floor can also now be accepted (no additional nominations are made).  Each nominee speaks for 2 minutes after the PTA votes via paper ballots.

At the end of the general meeting it is announced that Mike Rover is the new PTA Member-at-Large and David Rosenberg is the new member of the SLT.

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • We have a lot of new parents here in this room.  Please raise your hand (there is applause).  Thank you for coming.
  • Thank You:
    • Picture Day:  Thank you to Karen Wong and Nancy Fey for running picture day very smoothly (there is applause).
    • Parent/Teacher Potluck: Thank you to Dana for the parent teacher potluck last Friday.
    • Harvest day: That was today and was great.
      • Denise comments: we had food from the wooly pockets, the farm at the battery, pea shoots planted by the kids.  We had some tastings, etc.  It was great.
      • Upcoming events:
        • Halloween day parade on Wednesday 10/31.
        • NYC Marathon:  We have a PS3 team running in the NYC marathon on Sunday 11/4.  The PTA purchased 4 or 5 bibs and there are even more parents running on their own representing the school. We are hopeful to do a pasta pep rally the day before and we are currently looking for a local restaurant or parent to help with that.
        • Square dance on Friday 11/16.  Always free for kids and adults pay a nominal fee.
        • Progress Report: Speaker Quinn’s office reached out to us, we had a good meeting & went over a whole bunch of issues. We discussed how different modes of assessment are being looked at and the changes that are possible from it.
        • Construction Update:  We also spoke with Speaker Quinn’s office about adding funding to the current construction project because some items were left out when budgeted.  Mainly the acoustics in what will be the new cafeteria and the finishing of the old cafeteria.   We are working on it and are not sure much will be able to happen in the current project.  However there is a level of receptivity and a good dialog about it with Speaker Quinn’s office.
        • Lunch clubs:  As was mentioned, chess club looks like it’ll be the first club that gets put into place.  This is a way to alleviate the crowding and give students another option during recess than playing in the yard.

TREASURER’s REPORT (Anna Rice-Yaffee): 

  • NYC Marathon: This is the money we put out to buy the vests.  We think we’ll make more that $8,000 already.
  • Expenses:  We spent money on the summer mailer.  There was a fuel surcharge for last years Frost Valley trip.
  • Personnel:  The money went out for the teachers that support.
  • Student art fundraiser:  there was a comment from the floor that this program is not moving forward this year, mainly because the vendor we used last year made significant errors and got the orders in very late.  Discussion took place about bringing it back with a new vendor.   Dana Abraham said she would call a couple of places and Mike Rovner said he would assist.
  • Bank Transfer:  We were charged to transfer between banks.  We switched banks because our old bank did not have Saturday drop off.


  • We will be hearing more about the money grab back from the DOE.


  • 3Fund:  Has launched.  We are going for 100% participation.  We are working with the class parents.  Go to and give to the 3Fund.
  • Louis C.K.:  He was hoping to have a show on 11/1 but he has a conflict and is trying reschedule.  If not, then he’s hoping to schedule a show with in the next month or two.  He is going to try to make it free for teachers and offer PS3 parents ticketing first.  It’ll happen quickly once the date is made.  We will keep you posted.
  • Pasta Pep Rally:  As mentioned, we would like to hold a pasta pep rally the night before the NYC Marathon.  We are looking for a local restaurant to sponsor and/or a parent to help coordinate.
  • Election Day Bake Sale:  There is no school on Election Day however, the building is open and is a voting center so we are planning to have a bake sale.
  • Pop-Up Shop:  Look for that in December
  • Theater Event:  We are talking to a new family about a new theater event.

WELLNESS COMMITTEE (Kate Brady speaks for Susan susan Buttenwieser)

  • At the end of the summer the WITT’s program was briefly removed from our schools because according to the DOE their menus did not fit with the new school nutritional requirements.  After some negotiations the WIIT’s program was put back into school however the menus need approval from the USDA.  That should happen by January as the USDA is out inspecting all schools with this program.  Until the new menus are approved we are using the DOE school lunch menu.  We are choosing healthy options however it’s not perfect (example:  there has been French fries on the menu).   In the meantime, the salad bar has been popular it’s all you can eat and Deborah (our WIIT’s chef) and the school have been working on adding more to it.  We need parent volunteers to help the students use the salad bar.  There are ongoing meetings with the WIIT’s team who are strategizing on how to make the best of the situation given the limited resources.

COOKING ROOM (Claudia Bellini):

  • The new curriculum has been launched.  Please let me know if you’d like to see it.  We are teaching 8 classes this semester.  We are very excited.  If your class is participating please volunteer it’s a great way to spend some time with your kids during the day.

LUNCH/RECESS (Kate Brady):

  • We trained 30 new families this year.  K/1s are doing really well.  We will have some projects in the works for the yard this year.  If it’s raining the students have indoor recess, please come and help during that time.

YEARBOOK (Anna speaks for Camille and Maria)

  • We need more help.  The yearbook is put together by parents with class parents being responsible for putting together group pictures for their class. We have lots of different positions.  Please look at the flyer and get in touch with Camille.


  • Look for follow up information about the rezoning and about 75 Morton.  For those unaware, 75 Morton is going to be a new school in our district and is happening because parents lobbied to get the DOE to buy a building to build a new school in our district.  Now we, as parents, need to be involved as to what exactly that school will be.  Please come to our meeting if you want to be involved.


  • The November PTA meeting was scheduled for Thursday November 15th however it is now moved back to Tuesday November 13th.
  • Please remember to sign in.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm



Meeting Date:  September 24, 2012

Minutes Issued Date September 28, 2012

 Start of the Meeting: 6:23pm

Welcome to the first PTA meeting of the 2012-2013 school year.

  • Introduction by PTA Co-Presidents (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover).
  • Introduction of the Executive Board Co-VP’s (Claudia Bellini & Yin Ho), Co-Treasure’s (Liz Craig & Anne Rice-Yaffee), Co-Secretary’s (Samantha Rifkin & Kate Brady), Member’s at Large (Marion Rosenfeld, Nancy Fey, Sue Unkenholz, Kirk Arrowood & Denise Pizzini).

PRESIDENTS WELCOME (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • The PTA generally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month on the 3rd floor in room 310.
  • We would like to thank the parents at this school.  From the ‘Fund’raising to the ‘FUN’draising.  Thank you to those who’ve been so hard at work over the summer (putting together the welcome packet) and getting the school year up and running.  Let’s applaud ourselves (round of applause).
  • This is our 42nd year.  We are proud of our history and of our arts program.  We are going to show you a brief video called PADIM (video made at/about ps3 by Nicole Ansari Cox).

Approval of Agenda:  Agenda Approved.

Approval of Minutes from 6/12/12 PTA meeting:  Minutes Approved, 1 abstention.

Question:  Can you please explain why we approve the agenda & the minutes?

Principal Lisa Answers:  The agenda gets voted for approval to give the opportunity for the community at large to gather and keep the meeting on track.  It keeps the proceedings more peaceful and orderly and allows for having discussion with out conflict.  The minutes are approved to allow for the community an opportunity to read what’s happened at the previous meeting if they could not attend.  It’s a way to have information generalized.


  • Regina (the assistant principal) cannot be here tonight because she has to be at an off-site training so, on behalf of us both, I would like to give gratitude for all those who have done so much and who have brought us so far, especially those on the executive board.
  • I want to welcome the new parents.  There are so many opportunities to get involved. This is part of the fabric of the continuity of your children’s lives.
  • This school year is off to an amazing start.  So much is already going on.  A lot of programs got picked up from where they left off last year. One word about going forward, if you see a problem, please look to see if you can find a solution.  We welcome that. (Round of applause).

Nick comments:  We are very fortunate to have Lisa and Regina and all the staff here. Also, the parent partnerships here are real.  We are an open administration.  Most of us will be cycling off the PTA after this school year and we are interested in working with new families or families that have more time.  We want to bring in new leadership.

PARENT COORDINATOR (Terry Spring-Robinson)

  • Hi.  I’m your parent coordinator (If your child had lice you know that).  As Lisa said, when there is a problem see if you can find a solution.  Ex: a couple of parents put together a detailed list of how to rid your child of lice and it’s now posted on our website.
  • The latest art exhibit is going up in the halls, it’s graffiti and I was listening to some of the kids discussing it for over an hour (about graffiti and the art) and it shows how this is a fabulous school that brings this out in our community.
  • I’m located in room 408.  Which is also our parent room, a place where we can gather informally.

Nick comments:  Could the teachers in the room please raise their hands, stand up and announce what you do.  (Applause).  We are incredibly grateful to all our teachers.


  • I’m Susan, room 205.  I report monthly on questions that get asked of the teachers and students.  I also bring teachers questions and/or concerns to the PTA meetings.

PRESIDENTS REPORT (Nick Gottlieb & Susan Stover)

  • Coffee Catch (Lucy Sexton):  They are on the first Monday’s of each month after drop off in the gym.  I love PS3 and the community it provides so we offer free coffee and a chance to chat.  This requires some help, please spread the word to parents to come to the gym after drop off and please sign up to help bring coffee and milk. Even if you can only help out once, I’m happy to have the help.
  • Picture Day (Nancy Fey):  It is on Thursday Oct 4th.  We’re using a new photography company and we need a lot of volunteers this year. My email and Karen Wong’s email are on the board out front.  Please sign up to help.  We need 8-10 people at any time during the day.
  • Breakfast with Lisa: This will be a week from Friday on October 5th after drop-off.  Room is TBD.  This provides an opportunity to get more in depth information from Lisa.  Please submit questions ahead of time via class parents so that the answers can be researched prior to the breakfast.
  • Parent/Teacher Potluck:  Is on Friday October 12th in the auditorium.  This is an adult only event.  There is no childcare provided.  We don’t have kids attend mainly because the teachers are present and they like to feel relaxed, themselves and that is not always possible when their students are present.
  • PS3 Benefit, Performance by Louise C.K. (current PS3 Parent):  This will either be on October 29th or October 30th.  PS3 parents will have the opportunity to purchase tickets first and teachers’ tickets will be complementary.  It is extremely generous of Louise to offer this to our community.  He won many Emmy’s last night and has been very generous in providing this for us.
  • Construction update:  We are in the process of changing the art room into a brand new, natural light filled cafeteria.  Next fall we will move the cafeteria into the back of the gym.  The gym will still be the gym with rolling tables in and out for lunch.  The current cafeteria will then become a fabulous new art studio.  If you’d like to get involved please talk with the arts committee.  This construction takes places after school hours.

Lisa comments:  They are installing an updated fire alarm system.  Also, Lenny is still here he is not doing clay this year (because the kilns had to be moved during construction) but is helping with art.  Clay will be back next fall.

  • Lunch clubs: We are getting funding courtesy of Speaker Quinn.  We are working with the PS3 ‘til 6 staff to get the lunch club program(s) in place.

TREASURER’s REPORT (Liz Craig & Anna Rice-Yaffee): 

  • Financial statement – shows what we made last year vs. the budget.  (There is applause).
  • The 3Fund did incredibly well, more so than we thought possible.
  • The Beyond Therapy Fundraiser raised over $21,000 and the pop up shop made over $11,000 both were not planned from the budget.
  • We pay for lice checking.  We approved LiceEnders last year and we are continuing that program this year.
  • Expenses – came in more or less than expected.  We had extraordinary expenses last year that are continuing this year.  We gave money to Lisa mainly for teacher’s aides.  Last year we donated $85,000 and this year we’ve pledged another $120,000.  I wrote a check for $45,000 for the first half of the money needed for the 4 teachers’ aides.  I will be writing another $45,000 for the second half of the money needed for the teachers’ aides.  Lisa will then have $30,000 left to use.  This money makes up for the DOE budget cuts.

Lisa comments:  It’s not so publicized but each year for the last 5 year there has been budget cuts, which has lead to increased class sizes.  As a result we have brought in assistant teachers because of these cuts.  We had 3 assistant teachers last year and will have 4 this year.  The PTA has also been very supportive of professional learning for teachers.  This money is to insure your children are getting as much attention as possible and that your children’s teachers are up on the best teaching skills for teaching your children.

  • We have over $250,000 in the bank to start the year.
  • We are in the process of changing banks because HSBC did not have Saturday hours and we needed that for the spring fling.

Question:  We didn’t spend the money on some of the line items listed (ex: swimming).

Answer:  Last year only 1 teacher used the funds to swim.  Therefore the money was not all spent.  This year we hope more teachers will be swimming.

Nick comments:  Any line items that come in under budget (for example the library) is really an opportunity to get involved.  The library committee is one of our less active committees.  This is a great example of an opportunity for a parent to get involved.  Step up and spend some money that is already available.


  • This is my 2nd year in a 2 year position.
  • The SLT is made up of an equal number of staff members and elected parent members including the principal, guidance counselor, UFT chapter leader, classroom teachers and a PTA co-president.
  • We develop the annual Comprehensive Education Plan, which determines the educational goals, programs and initiatives to be implemented during the school year.
  • We also collaborate on immediate and long-range solutions to programs and issues that create or affect the day-to-day culture and learning environment at PS3.
  • You get a lot of insight about the DOE and you see from a different prospective how much our teachers and administrators care and how incredibly hard they work to make sure our kids get the best education and the most positive experience at PS3.
  • Meetings generally take place on the 3rd Friday of each month at 7:30am in the parent room (408).


  • Open SLT position:  There is one open position for the SLT.  We will vote on filling that position at the October meeting.  If interested talk to Lisa.
  • Open New Parent Member-at-Large: There is also a slot for a new parent to be a member-at-large on the executive board.  We will also vote on that at the October PTA meeting.  If interested please speak with anyone on the executive board.


  • Shino Tanikawa speaks:  I’m on the school board for school district 2.  We were able to purchase the building at 75 Morton because of parental pressure from this school and the community.  We are working to make sure that school meats the needs of the community.  We will have a forum where you’ll be invited to share your ideas of what that school should be.  I will keep you posted as to the time and place of when that meeting will be.

Nick comments:  Getting this building purchased is an example of how effective parental pressures and direct involvement from the schools in the community can be.  It really shows the power that we can have in the community.

COMMITTEE CHAIR PRESENTATIONS:  Each chair is given 2 minutes per presentation.  Following the presentation, please join us at the Committee Tables to learn more about the committees, meet other parents and enjoy bites from Il Cantuccio & beverages.

Financial Planning Committee & Charrette Results (Yin & Claudia)

  • Charrette Results:  (A charrette is when you pull together and number of people to provide a solution).  Last year we instituted the charrette to find what matters most to us here at PS3 and what we should be spending our money on.  We already use money for the arts, dance and music programs.  We also use the money fill in budget gaps. We had over 200 ideas through idea boxes all from parents, teachers and students.  We filtered those ideas and walked through each one.  We had a brainstorming session to translate those ideas into proposals.  We created more than 30 proposals to be used in the questionnaire.  We sent the questionnaires to get feedback from the community then translated the highest rated ideas into actionable and budgetable proposals.
    • Top 4 priorities– more teachers aides, increase science in the school, integrate foreign language and acoustic control treatment for the new cafeteria to diminish the noise level of 200 children eating.
      • The teachers’ top priorities are more teacher’s aides (1 for every 2 classes), bathrooms facilities and counseling services.  The parents/students top priorities are more teachers’ aides, science programs, foreign language programs and fixing the noise level in the cafeteria.

Fundraising Committee (Bob Osborne & Sandra Schwartz & Kirk Arrowood)

  • We’ve now heard what you want (as a result of the charrette) and now it’s time to fundraise.  We are excited to know what the community wants and now we have to work on getting it.
  • Get involved:  There are annual events, initiator events, un-planned events.  We really need parental help and involvement.  We like to put the fun in fundraising.  We have a lot of fun.  We have an amazing community here with many talented parents.  If you have ideas, please share.  For example:  this year I want to do a PS3 signature cocktail contest.
  • Fundraising is so important to PS3.  It’s going to make what you want possible.  It makes what you value at PS3 possible.  It’s money in classroom, gardening, the cooking room, teachers’ aides, etc.  The 3Fund had 52% participation last year and this year we want 100%.  You can volunteer, you can be an initiator and you can give to the 3Fund.  Let’s make this school the best school that we can possibly make it.
  • Our first meeting is the first Tuesday of every month in room 408.

Class Parent Committee (Allison)

  • Class parents support the classroom teachers, help organize class events (including the class projects for the auction), and communicate relevant information to the parent body.
  • If you want to be a class parent please introduce yourself to your teacher.  They choose who will be their class parents.

Communications (Dan O’Sullivan).

  • We build the infrastructure in getting the information out.  Most of the communication comes from Terry.  If you have information that should be added please email  The information goes out through the web and from there through Terry’s email.  It also goes to facebook and twitter and there is a lobby display.
  • If you have web skills we’d love to see you.
  • Our first meeting on October 19th in room 408.

Question:  Do I have to sign up to get Terry’s emails?

Answer:  If you are not receiving the emails from Terry, you can subscribe to receive them on the website.

Arts Committee (Stephanie Basch)

  • We work to make arts as rich as possible in the school on a daily basis.  We believe that nothing is impossible for what we dream for our kids.  We work as a collective of individuals.
  • We employ 3 arts teachers.
  • We facilitate the SAIR program, which is a brainchild of a parent from about 4 years ago built to enhance the teachers curriculum.
  • Our first meeting is on October 3rd and is the first Wednesday of every month in room 408.

Cooking Room (Marion Rosenfeld and Claudia Bellini)

  • The cooking room was founded two years ago.  It was a science lab that we along with chef Zak Pelaccio took over.  Last year we piloted a curriculum with several classes.  This we are having more classes.
  • We will let you know when we will have our first meeting.
  • We need help.  Let’s have our kids eat well.  It’s fun.  Please sign up.

Garden Committee (Cristina Latici)

  • I co-chair along with Bob Klein & Denise Pizzini).
  • We need lots of volunteers for watering.
  • On October 16th we are going to plan for our first harvest event.  We get food from our urban farm down at the battery and from the garden to café program.
  • Our first meeting will be on October 2nd in the cafeteria.

Green Committee (Anna Rice-Yaffee & Nancy Fey)

  • We started last year because we wanted to let kids know to bring their water bottles to lunch.
  • We need a new project.  Talking about composting.
  • We usually meet with the gardening & wellness committees.
  • Our first meeting is TBD.

Wellness Committee (Shino speaks for Susan Buttenwieser)

  • Wellness in the Schools (WITS) is a non-profit community based organization found in 2005 in order to improve the environment, nutrition and fitness in NYC public schools.  In an effort to combat childhood obesity and create healthier environments in which to learn WITS developed Cook for Kids where local chefs work alongside kitchen staff to create healthier meals for all NYC public school children.
  • We no longer serve chocolate milk, french fries, etc., and we now serve vegetables and herbs grown from our garden to café program.
  • Nutrition lessons are also given.  We want healthy meals for all kids in all schools.
  • Our first meeting schedule is TBD.  Please sign up.

Lunch/Recess Committee (Kate Brady & Giorgiana Biazzo)

  • We need parents to help in the lunchroom.  Helping to deal with spills, opening milk cartoons for the K/1’s, etc.
  • New parent orientation for lunch/recess volunteers is on October 1st or October 15th.  Please come to one of those meetings.  We will provide all the information needed to help out in the lunchroom.
  • We help maintain the play yard.  We’re going to paint in the spring.
  • Please sign up.

Parent Action Committee (David Rosenberg)

  • It’s parent action that got us a new district school building purchased.
  • Pick up a pamphlet.  Learn what we’re about.
  • Our first meeting is on Friday September 28th after drop off in room 408.

Nick comments:  Lisa always points out that it’s parent action that’s the most effective voice and makes the change.  Please join David for moving that committee forward.

Media Strategy Committee

  • I have 3 words.  Community.  Innovation.  Independence.
  • This is a new committee.   We are here to not only react to what is going on in our community but rather to spread the message about what makes PS3 such a special place.  We are coming up with different ideas, going to launch a facebook page and are pulling together an alumni database to help support this school.
    Join us.  Spread the word.  Help spread our message as to what makes PS3 so impressive.
  • We meet every other Tuesday.

Library (Dana Abraham via Susan Stover)

  • We need help.  Maintenance of the library – parents need to reshelve books, maintain organization of the library and delete books from the main system.
  • The Library Writing Festival:  We would like help in organizing this event.   Authors, editors and journalists are invited by parents to speak to our children and staff about the writing and editing processes.


  • PS3 ‘til 6 (Maria Leao)
    We are in essence an extension of the school day.  Some teachers are also after- school teachers and some parents are volunteering.
  • Please volunteer if you’re interested in helping.  We are always open to ideas.  We like to do new, different things and we like the kids to learn in the process.  Please sign up.

Nick comments:  There is a lot of committees that become active in the spring, the talent show, yearbook, spring fling (sue speaks…if you like to party w/your community join me in the spring).

Please sign the attendance sheet.  Please sign up for Committees.  Our next meeting is on Tuesday October 16th in room 310.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm