PS 3 ’til 6 afterschool fall registration is open





Dear Friends -

We are happy to announce that Fall Semester enrollment is open.

Sign up here, and sign up in August for best rates!

As always, our curriculum is ambitious – sports, visual arts, performance, foreign languages, chess, cooking, science, technology, gardening – and includes great new options such as Tech Wizards, FacePainting Art, Flamenco Dance, Acting Workshop, Spy Kids, and others.

Please consult the Enrichment section of our website for class descriptions:

We hope you will be excited about the afterschool options and look forward to seeing everyone in September. In the meantime, please drop us a line if you have questions or need help with registration.

Best wishes for the continuation of a great summer!

Your Friendly Village Kids Team



Need Day Camp in August? You can still sign up for Summer DropIn Day(s).

See our Fall Calendar for key dates, including upcoming Camps (Sept 21-22).

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