Parenting Workshop: Navigating Best Friends/Worst Enemies and Other Tricky Friendship Issues

Tuesday, March 6, 2018: 8:35 am - 9:45 am

Parenting expert Sean Grover, who is also the dad of PS 3 alums, will share helpful insights gained through more than 25 years of professional experience working with families. Sean is a nationally recognized speaker who is in high demand for his humorous, down-to-earth approach to parenting. Come to this interactive workshop and ask him your questions about the sometimes tricky and always important issue of friendships and kids.

Friendship is an extremely important part of life across all ages. For children, friends contribute significantly to the development of social skills, such as being sensitive to another’s viewpoints, learning the rules of conversation, and age-appropriate behaviors. Children with ‘good’ friends have higher self-esteem, act more socially, can cope with life stresses and transitions, and are also less victimized by peers.

But friendship can be difficult across all ages, as well. For PreK kids, it’s learning how to share and play nicely. For our older students, it can be resolving emotional conflicts or being involved in a friendship “threesome.”

Some questions you might have for Sean:

  • How can I support my child’s friendships?
  • How do I teach my young child to share and be a good friend?
  • “You’re not my friend anymore!” and how to respond to this
  • What if my older child is having trouble with a friendship “threesome”?
  • What if my child wants to be friends with someone who doesn’t respond to his overtures?
  • And the opposite, what if someone he doesn’t really like wants to be friends with him?
  • Fifth-grade social drama! Do I intervene?
  • Octopus friends–one friend always tries to dominate my daughter, what do I do?

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