Chancellor’s Letter on Immigration

Please read the Chancellor’s letter on immigration here and FAQs on immigration here.

As always, and regardless of events swirling around us, PS3 strives to remain a kind and caring community, where our students, families and staff do our best to treat each other with love and respect.

NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2017

filmfestivalTickets are selling quickly to the NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2017 (February 24 – March 19th), which will be showcasing the best new films for ages 3-18. The Festival is packed full of fantastic film programs for your family and, even better, PS3 earns $3 back for every ticket you purchase!

Celebrate the best new international films through the Festival’s wildly popular short film programs in addition to special events including the Opening Night film Revolting Rhymes (based on Roald Dahl’s re-imagined fairy tales) and Centerpiece Screening Born in China from Disneynature, plus the heartwarming and delightful Mr. Frog (Anna van der Heide, Netherlands) - all alongside many other terrific feature film selections.

To buy tickets and raise money for PS3 simply:

1.      Go to

2.      Select “PS3 John Melser Charrette School” from the “Select My School” Menu (IMPORTANT!!!!)

3.      Purchase tickets

PopUp Shop at PS3

The PopUp Shop is a school-based resale store where we sell lightly used and/or new, high-end clothes that parents donate. It’s a terrific and fun fundraiser for PS3.

Please put donations of new or lightly used designer clothing in the big box in the lobby (same one that was used for the Coat Drive).

What we take:

WOMEN’S CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: New or gently used and J.Crew quality or higher. So, no OLD NAVY, H&M, TARGET, FOREVER 21 etc. We love these brands as much as the next person, but we can’t resell them for any money. Also, no ripped or heavily stained items please.

MEN’S CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: New or Gently Used High End Designer…think Paul Smith and up.

CHILDREN: New with tags only!!!!!

We will have more info soon and of course will need volunteers.

If you want to help out please email Also, email if you would like a receipt for your donation for tax purposes.

New York State Testing

Elementary and students in New York State take yearly State tests in core academic subjects to assess their mastery of the Common Core Learning Standards. Students’ test results are one of the factors that schools use to decide whether to promote a student to the next grade. New York City and New York State use test results to evaluate how well schools are serving students.

2017 NYS Testing Dates:


Tuesday, March 28 – Thursday, March 30

Make-up Dates: Friday, March 31 – Wednesday, April 5

The ELA test is a timed test that contains several different types of questions. Students answer multiple choice questions based on short passages they read, and write responses to open-ended questions based on stories, articles, or poems they listen to or read.

NYS Math Test

Tuesday, May 2  – Thursday, May 4

    Make-up Dates: Friday, May 5 – Wednesday, May 10

The math test is a timed test that contains a mixture of different types of questions.

Grade 4 NYS Science Test (Performance)

Wednesday, May 24 – Friday, June 2

The 4th Grade Science Performance Test consists of tasks at three stations and is administered in one sitting. The test is around 45-60 minutes. Each station requires 15 minutes of testing time, for a total testing time of 45 minutes. Additional time is provided to give instructions to students and for students to move between stations.

Grade 4 NYS Science Test (Written) 

Monday, June 5



FAQs for Parents

Department of Education information on testing

Thank you from WITS Chef Lauren


To our WITS Community,

The 2016-2017 school year has been a busy one for me. My work as a WITS Chef bringing me to four different schools across Manhattan each week.

I am now in my third year at Mosaic Prep, and I have noticed this year that the lunch menu is accepted now more than ever. Kids are trying more menu items, even if they don’t recognize the food at first. Change happens over time, and especially in this school with many children in foster care and shelters, it is so vital to provide a hot meal that is both nutritious and delicious. It takes many committed school community members to encourage kids to get accustomed to new foods that will help them learn and grow.

This year, I’ve heard kids at all of my schools asking for specific items on the salad bar, like kale and hummus, and saying “Don’t yuck my yum” during tastings with Chef Partner Ivan Beacco. Hearing this lets me know that the students are becoming more receptive to eating healthfully and adopting habits that will last their entire lives.

None of this would be possible without help from supporters like you. Will you help me continue to provide wellness education to these students in 2017? Give the gift of wellness this holiday by clicking here.

Happy Holidays!

Lauren Nilsen

WITS Chef, Mosaic Prep, PS 3, PS 20, PS 7




PS3 would like to thank all the teachers, parents and children who ran, cheered and encouraged our runners this weekend in NYC’s Marathon. Bravo!!