New Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Dear families,

Please make note of the following adjustments to our  arrival and dismissal procedures, beginning Thursday, September 14.


• Starting on Thursday, only PK, K and 1st grade families will enter the building at arrival time.

• Starting on Thursday, 2nd and 3rd grade students (not adults) will enter the building through the “mosaic doors” on Hudson Street (up the steps and close to Grove Street).

• 4th and 5th grade students will continue to enter through the mosaic doors as in the past.

• All students are welcome in the Gymeteria starting at 7:55 a.m. They may eat breakfast or sit and chat until the school day starts.

  • PreK/K/1 adults may sit with their children.
  • All 2/3 students who are not eating should sit at their line-up spots.
  • At 8:15, PK/K/1 and 4/5 students should go to their classrooms.

Yellow PS 3 Family IDs

At Meet the Teacher Night on Wed., each family will receive two PS 3 Family IDs (key ring passes). These are for arrival and dismissal only.

  • These must be shown by adults for entry at arrival (PK/K/1) and dismissal (all grades). Replacement or additional passes may be purchased from the office.
  • Adults without passes must sign in at the security desk.


Adults in all grades must show their PS 3 Family IDs or sign in at the security desk.

PreK, K and 1st grade adults must sign their child out with the teacher.

Arrival-Dismissal FAQs



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