Middle School Information

Dear Families,

Welcome to the middle school application process! Your child’s application to middle school will be due on December 1, 2017. Between now and then, you will have the opportunity to learn about all of the exciting school choices in District 2. You can tour schools, attend open houses, explore school websites, or come to the D2 Middle School Fair (October 19, from 5-7:30 p.m.) to learn about your various options.


  • Click D2-Middle School-list-with-tour-dates for an interactive spreadsheet of District 2 middle schools that includes tour dates and links to admission rubrics.
  • Click here for the Department of Education’s middle school site and to sign up for news alerts.
  • Click here for InsideSchools, which has a wealth of information about schools and the application process. InsideSchools provides informed descriptions (often with a slide show) of many schools.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • November 13, 8:35 a.m.: Middle School Information Meeting for 5th grade parents, in the PS 3 Gymeteria
  • December 1: Middle School Applications due to your 5th grade teacher


Susan Korn (guidance counselor) can be reached at  (212) 924-2895 (press”3” for guidance). Copies of hand-outs will be posted on Susan’s door.

Carrie Reynolds (parent coordinator) is at 212-691-1183 (press “2”) and CReynolds8@schools.nyc.gov

Thanks so much!


District 2 Middle Schools:

  • MS297 (aka Morton Street)  www.ms297.org   at Clinton School for 2017-18
  • Simon Baruch Middle School (J.H.S. 104)     212-674-4545    www.104m.org      330 East 21 Street
  • Manhattan Academy of Technology (MAT) (P.S.126)     212-962-2188  www.ps126mat.com
  • Lower Manhattan Community School  (LMC)                      646-826-8100  www.lmc896.org
  • The Salk School of Science (M.S. 255)                    212-614-8785  www.salkschool.org
  • The Clinton School (M.S. 255)       www.theclintonschool.net     10 East 15th  Street    212-695-9114
  • Battery Park City School (P.S./I.S. 217)             212-266-5800  www.bpcschool.org
  • Hudson River Middle School (I.S. 289)            212-571-9268          www.is289.org
  • NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies          212-691-6119  www.nyclabschool.net
  • School of the Future       212-475-8086  https://www.sof.edu/blog/open-house-schedule-and-sign-up-links/
  • Quest to Learn           212-488-3645    http://www.q2l.org/admissions
  • Life Sciences Secondary School        212-348-1694
  • City Knoll Middle School         212-717-8809   www.cityknollms.org
  • East Side Middle School       212-439-6278                  ESMS 
  • Sun Yat Sen Middle School (M.S. 131)              212-219-1204
  • Robert F. Wagner (J.H.S. 167)                  212-535-8610     www.wagner167.org
    • Go to “About Wagner” tab to sign up for tour
  • The Roosevelt Island (P.S./ I.S.217)              212-980-0294

Citywide Schools on the Application:

  • NEST (New Explorations in Science, Technology, & Math)      212-677-5190   www.nestmk12.net
  • PPAS (Professional Performing Arts) – 212-247-8652  www.ppasnyc.org
  • The Anderson School – 212-595-7193  www.ps334anderson.org
  • ICE (Institute for Collaborative Education)  212-475-7972   www.iceschool.net
    • Note: For 2017-18, ICE will be a ranked school on the DOE middle school application.


Additional Middle School Options for District 2 Students:

These schools are not on the District 2 Application.  You will have to get the application directly from the school.  If you are interested, please call or visit the school website. 

  • Mark Twain  718-266-0814
  • School for Sign Language –  917-326-6609
  • Ballet Tech – 212-254-1803
  • Special Music School – 212-501-3318
  • Talented & Gifted School for Young Scholars- 212-860-6003
  • Brooklyn School of Inquiry  718-621-5730