Lice Removal

What To Do If You Have Lice

Step by step directions below. Please see this link for a visual aid.


Please purchase an all-natural lice shampoo and follow all the directions on the bottle.
There are many natural lice shampoos, which can be bought at health stores or purchased directly from vendors, such as, Licenders, Hair Fairies, Quit Nits and Lice Treatment Center. Leave the treatment on for 15-20 mins. For the first treatment, do not wash out the shampoo, rather move to step 2 with the shampoo still in the hair and working.

PURPOSE: The shampoo will kill live bugs only. It will not “wash” out remaining eggs/nits. Those are unfortunately ‘glued’ to the hair shaft and need to be combed out manually with a good quality, metal lice comb.


Thoroughly “comb out” your child with a 2 part conditioner mixed with 1 part baking soda (mix to consistency of a shaving cream). This “comb-out” should be with a metal lice comb (which is a special comb with very fine teeth meant to catch the eggs as you pull the comb through the hair). Plastic lice combs do not work well. The baking soda/conditioner mixture will help to loosen and pull the nits/eggs which are glued to the hair shaft.

Microsoft Word - LICEremoval1.docx

Microsoft Word - LICEremoval1.docx

Part your child’s hair into many smaller sections (6-10) with hair clips and then starting at the nape of the neck and working toward the crown and front of the head comb out each section carefully being sure to comb in all different directions from scalp to end of hair length several times. Wipe the comb onto a wet paper towel each time through in order to deposit the eggs and dead bugs.

If your child has long hair a proper “comb out” will take 90 minutes to 2 hours. If your child has short hair it should take 45 minutes – 1hour. This is meant as a reference to how THOROUGH you should be combing. Depending on the severity of the case it might take longer or shorter.

PURPOSE: This process is meant to remove all the eggs/nits that have been laid in your child’s hair. Dead bugs from the shampoo will wash out.


Once you have “combed out”, rinse and wash your child’s hair with regular shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Dry their hair with a hair dryer and with a very bright light search for any remaining nits/eggs that you may have missed with the comb out. Hand pick these eggs out with your fingernails. THEN apply an oil treatment. The above mentioned lice vendors make a oils that you can spray through your child’s hair. It basically is olive oil mixed with various other oils. Olive oil is perfectly fine to use in their hair! Leave the oil treatment in for as long as you want. The longer the better. It is suggested to at least leave the oil treatment in overnight. Use a shower cap on their head to protect them from the remaining lice.

PURPOSE: The oil is meant to drown out any remaining nits and also make the hair shaft greasy/slippery so that any remaining eggs/nits can be pulled out easily and if they do hatch they cannot hang on and will therefore eventually die. Lice do NOT like greasy hair. They LOVE squeaky-clean hair!


Depending on how severe the case of lice is —steps #2 and #3 should be followed EVERY DAY or every other day for at least one week (7 days)!

We know -that totally stinks… but if you leave just ONE egg behind within two weeks it will hatch and your child will have lice all over again. Being responsible and thorough about getting rid of the lice the first time is the only way to make sure they
stay away!

Final steps below:


Don’t freak out and turn your household upside down! Linens of anywhere a person with lice has slept should be washed with hot water and dried with high heat for 45 minutes. Don’t forget bath towels, hats, mittens, scarves, dress up clothes (for younger kids)! A good vacuuming of the entire home should be done once paying close attention to chairs and sofas –anywhere a head might rest. In addition to vacuuming sofas and other upholstery car seats should be vacuumed if a child is in a car often.

Boil hair brushes or combs for 5 mins to kill any lice.

PURPOSE: Lice can live off a “host” (or head) for up to 48 hours. Stuffed animals and throw pillows/blankets can be bagged for at least 48 hours or as long as you like. Lice can also be killed by high heat for 45 minutes. Anything that can be thrown in a dryer on high-heat can be used as an effective method to kill lice.


It is super important to check all family members (siblings!) with the same process. The same removal process must be applied for everyone infected. Family pets do not need to be checked.


It is important to act quickly and notify friends whom you have recently had play dates with or sleepovers. It is also important to notify the school as soon as possible to prevent spreading lice.