PS3 Policies

Bake Sales – The PTA is allowed (by the DOE) one bake sale a month, and it must not be held in the cafeteria.

Breakfast at school – the earliest you can drop off your child is 7:55, and a free breakfast is served in the cafeteria.

Bullying – there is a “no bullying” policy at the school, and incidences should be reported first to an individual teacher.Bus Passes- depending on how far the family lives from school, students may qualify for a free metro card. Contact Raquel in the office for more information.

Cell Phones – for students should be turned off and left in backpacks until after school hours. Parents can not speak on cell phones in the hallways during class times.

Concent to Photograph, film or videotape a student for non-profit use — Please download this form.

Creating a New Fundraising Event – contact the fundraising committee chairs to pitch the idea, or attend a monthly fundraising meeting and present your idea.

Drop off – Pre K, and K/1 students are dropped off by their grownup at their classroom. 2/3 students meet their teacher in the gymeteria and go to the class with their teacher. 4/5 students meet their teacher in the classroom.

Free Lunch/Reduced Lunch - students may qualify for reduced cost or free lunch, depending on family income and/ or circumstances. Contact Raquel in the office for more information.

Fundraising for a Specific Purpose -  Funds collected at PTA events are generally not designated for specific purposes. However, special exceptions may be made if approved by a vote of the members at a PTA meeting. In these cases, funds must be allocated solely for the designated purpose.

Gifts to Teachers – Teachers cannot accept cash or cash equivalents such as American Express cards. Merchandise cards are OK.  Gifts must be presented as coming from all the parents of the class regardless of how much they gave.  Individual gifts must be of sentimental value only (ie. baked goods, a scrap book or photograph or a hand crafted item).

Joining a Committee – parents can join a committee at any time & are strongly encouraged to do so; simply contact the committee chairs or check the PS 3 website for the next meeting for the committee & attend.

Late Passes - Students arriving to school after 8:25am must get a late pass.

Lice – children with lice are sent home for a day or two until the situation is thoroughly remedied.

Lunch – milk is 35 cents; children can sometimes have hot lunch, but parents must pay $1.50 for each day their child receives a hot lunch

Lost Items – Please label your child’s stuff with their name and teacher’s name. Lost items may be in the lost and found- just outside room 408. The lost and found is cleaned out, with unclaimed things donated to charity, once a month.

Medication for a Child (asthma/allergies, etc) – speak with your child’s teacher and Tricia, the P.S. 3 nurse if your child needs to receive medication.

Nurse’s policies -

  • Every child coming into either Pre-K or Kindergarten (at age 4, and age 5) needs to have a NYC physical form filled out by a doctor. This is form NYC 205, and should come with the child’s registration package. Please make sure it is returned to the nurse’s office.
  • When your child is sick, she or he must stay home for 24 hours after the last incident of either fever or vomiting. This helps your child, and all the kids at school, too.
  • If your child has asthma or allergies, please notify the nurse so she can have medication on hand. (see below)
  • If your child needs medication year-round (or emergency medication for allergies, for example), the family must bring the medication with a NYC Form for Medications (#504). You can get the form from the Nurse. The Nurse CANNOT dispense medications of any type with out this form.
  • Temporary medications (antibiotics, for example) should be taken at home.
  • Please be sure to update any changes in phone numbers, address and emergency contacts if they change during the year.

Nuts – this depends on the needs of each class. The cooking room is a nut free room. The lunch room serves peanut butter sandwiches, but they are only available on request and not put out with the rest of the food. Lunch room staff are aware of all children with allergies and other food related issues.

Parental Involvement in the Classroom – this varies by teacher, and should be discussed/agreed upon with a particular teacher.

Pick up- Pre-K and K/1 students are picked up from their classroom. 2/3 students get picked up from the auditorium, and 4/5 students are picked up in the gym. Parents who linger with children in the gym to play inside in cold weather must wait until 2:50 to play, and leave the school premises by 3:15. Parents who take their children to play on the roof after school must leave by 3:15, as the afterschool uses the roof starting at that time.

Play Fighting – is not allowed at the school, because it often escalates into physical aggression; no pretend fighting games are allowed at any time in the school at pick up, drop off, recess, etc.

PTA meetings- PTA meetings are open to all members (this means YOU). Meetings are usually held the 2nd Tuesday of each month, at 6:15pm. The meeting time/date is always posted on the PS3 website (

Requesting a Teacher – parents cannot request a teacher, and if they do, the request won’t be honored.

School Trips – if a parent doesn’t want his/her child to go on a particular trip, speak to the child’s teacher to work out an alternative option.

Scooters- children are welcome to ride scooters to school, but they must not be left in the school hallways. This is a safety issue.

Strollers- strollers can be left in the ‘stroller parking” in the auditorium until 8:45. After that time, they cannot be left at school.

Sick/Absent- if your child will be/has been absent for more than 3 days, please let Raquel in the office know. As a courtesy, you can let your teacher know when your child is sick, or will be absent less than 3 days at a time.