PS3 Glossary

3Fund – the school-wide request for donations, separate from class funds, and these donations pay for that which makes P.S. 3 so special: the arts initiatives (music, clay, dance, etc.). The goal of the Direct Drive is 100% participation by all parents, regardless of the donation amount.

Antiquarian Book Fair – a major school fundraiser that pairs antique booksellers across the country with interested buyers; open to the public, this event takes place during the last weekend of winter break in February.

Artist in Residence – a person with a specific set of skills and background who works within the SAIR program (School Artist In Residence) to develop special projects for classrooms (also see the SAIR section of the website for more info)

Buddies Class – older students are sometimes paired with younger children as “buddies” for reading books together and generally feeling connected to other grade levels, and a “buddies class” is a classroom that participates in this cross-grade level sharing.

Class Funds – funds donated by parents to the class parents in a classroom, and are separate from the overall school-wide fundraiser, the Direct Drive, which supports the arts initiatives (clay, music, dance, etc.) at P.S. 3. Class funds are earmarked for use only in the classroom.

Committee Fair – chairs of all of the committees at PS 3 set up tables before the first PTA meeting each year in September to provide information to incoming parents and anyone else who is curious about how a particular committee functions.

Community Education Council (CEC) -  This group consists of representatives of the parents and community-at-large. They live or work in the community, and send their children to the local schools, and their role is to reflect the needs and wishes of the community regarding the education of its children.

Community Sing – All the K/1 students get together and sing. Some 2/3 students come to help teach the little ones the songs.

Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) – This document is developed by the School Leadership Team each year and evaluates our school’s progress and outlines goals for the coming year.

Cooking Room – a classroom on the 5th floor dedicated to teaching children how to cook, incorporating instruction on math and nutrition too.

Dance-a-thon – PS3 fundraiser taken place during school hours where students dance a certain amount of different dances to raise money for Safe Passage.

Field Day – this end-of-year, school-wide excursion to pier 40 on the Hudson River is a day in which all of the students frolic outside, cheer, and compete as teams in athletic games.

Frost Valley – a YMCA camp upstate in the Catskills Mountains in Claryville, NY. The 4th and 5th grade students take a 3-day sleepover trip there as a group to enjoy winter sports in early February each year. Additional funds are often needed to cover expenses for everyone, so classes will have fundraisers for Frost Valley.

Lice Enders – the name of a company that visits the school when requested to check for lice in children’s hair.

Halloween Parade – PS 3 students, parents and teachers wear costumes and parade around the school block, starting at 9am on Halloween Day. Students walk from the school’s entrance to Grove, then Bedford, then Christopher Street, and then back into the school for a concert and party.

ICT Class – Collaborative team teaching or ICT classes pair a general-ed and special-ed teacher in a classroom that has up to 40 percent children with IEPs (individualized education plans – or goals for the student). Both sets of students benefit from the smaller student to teacher ratio.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) - Kids with delayed skills or other disabilities might be eligible for special services that provide individualized education programs in public schools, free of charge to families. Parents work with educators to develop a plan — the individualized education plan (IEP) — to help kids succeed in school. The IEP describes the goals the team sets for a child during the school year, as well as any special support needed to help achieve them.

Movie Night – fun & age-appropriate movies are shown on a series of Friday nights in the auditorium, and parents and children are invited to get together (for free) to enjoy a night out at the school with friends, family and popcorn.

Out to Lunch – 5th graders are allowed to leave the school premises at lunch time for Out To Lunch, but they are only permitted to walk within specific parameters of the school (3 blocks north and south of the school).

Parent Action Committee (PAC) includes rallies, petitions and meetings to plan action for change in political policies that affect the school.

Parent’s Closet – located in the gym, this closet holds supplies for events and crafts.

Parent’s Room – room 408; a place where committee meetings take place or parents can go to relax and socialize.

Parent Coordinator – Carrie Reynolds, and the go-to person for school info or when you need help with a specific problem. Her office is in room 408, and her email is, phone (212) 691-1183 x. 2.

PS3 Auction – the school’s main fundraising event, which usually occurs in March or early April each year.

PS 3-6 – the after-school program at PS 3 from 3-6pm, offering an array of classes and activities.

Parent Association (PA) -  All public schools are obliged to have a Parent Association. This is the organization through which parents are able to organized, voice their concerns, get and exchange information and work to support and enrich the academic and social life of all the students.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) – A Parent Association (PA) in which parents have voted to include teachers at the school to participate as voting members along with parents. The Parent Association at PS3 is a PTA.

SCC – the School Community Council; another name for the PTA

School Store – parents can purchase PS 3 t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. through the parent designated to run the school store each year (and eventually through the website).

SLT – the School Leadership Team; consists of the principal, guidance counselor and UFT union rep, classroom teachers, at least one of the PTA co-presidents & elected parent members. This group defines our school’s educational goals and creates long-range solutions. Members of the PS3 community can observe meetings & are encouraged to talk to the elected reps outside of meetings about concerns/suggestions. Meetings generally take place the 3rd Friday of each month at 7:30AM in the Library.

Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETTS) – Services to aid in the evaluation of and implementation of programs for students with special educational needs.

Spring Fling – an end-of-year community-building event and fundraiser that takes place in the school auditorium and on Barrow Street, and includes games, inflatable jumpers, live music, food and crafts.

Talent Show – an end-of-year event that showcases the talents many students have been honing all year, and features students singing, playing musical instruments, delivering monologues, enacting skits or scenes, dancing, and doing gymnastics or acrobatics.

Wellness in Schools- an organization funded by the PTA, through which we have chef Deborah Soffel, to provide healthier lunch options for our kids. Wellness also provides a coach to help the kids remain active and safe at recess.

Woolly Pockets – vertical planters for our PS3 garden located on the play yard.