Faces and Names









Principal, Lisa Siegman


Regina Choiu









Assistant Principal, Regina Choiu

Parent Coordinator – Carrie Reynolds

Dear families, Welcome to PS3! As Parent Coordinator, I am a first point of contact for all questions regarding your child’s experience and education at PS3. I serve as a liaison between families and the administration, and I can connect you with a relevant staff member when necessary.

Please visit me in Room 408, call my extension (212-691-1183 x2), or email me at CReynolds8@schools.nyc.gov with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

photo by PS3 parent Piero Ribelli 

Office Support Staff:

School Secretary & Registrar – Raquel Keating
Assistant Secretary – Sheri von Seeburg
Attendance & Lunch Aide – Dawn Bridges
Office Assistant & Lunch Aide – Suevena Yearwood
Recess Supervisor – Terence Pope

Support & Learning Staff:

ESL/Literacy –  (Room 302-B)
School Nurse – Patricia Fauske (Room 304)
Guidance Counselor – Susan Korn (Room 309)
ASD / Social Support – Mirza Silva,  Margaret Gould Korn (Room 310)
Speech & Language – Dawn Adamousky, Jaime Anemone (Room 404)
SBST Support – Hannah (Hyrije) Rexha (Room 500)
Psychologist – Jeremy Carr (Room 500)
Social Worker – Adam Zirofsky (Room 500)
IEP/AIS Learning Specialist - Dimple Vakharia (Room 500-A)
SETSS – Ellen Wolk (Room 504)
Occupational Therapy – Grace Lee, Jenny Bernadskaya (Room 508)
Physical Therapy – Lynda Resurrection (Room 508)

Additional Teachers:

Games – Aubrey Miller (Auditorium)
Art – Stephanie Kim (Room 101)
Arts Enrichment – Lenny Titzer (Room B-101)
Library – Jessica Harvey (Room 311)
Movement – Samantha Chan (Room 400)
Movement – Jennie Miller (Room 402)
Emeritus Literary Coach – Lucy Rubin (Room 409)
Music – Bruce Mack (Room 410)
K/1 music teacher – Mr. Butch (travels to classrooms)
Computers – Ruby Packard (Room 411)

Math Coach – Elizabeth Jackson

Literacy Coach – Emily Fox


School Safety Agent – Isaac Mercado, lobby
Custodian – Frank Ruggiero
Fireman – Luis Padilla