Mission Statement

Children at P.S. 3 - Independence
P.S. 3 provides children with a vibrant learning environment that nurtures their intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth. Children learn through hands-on involvement with subjects and materials that are connected to the world around them. Teachers and staff members at P.S. 3 actively encourage children to take initiative, be resourceful, and show independence and discernment in their classroom work. At P.S. 3, children collaborate and communicate with fellow students of all ages. Our mission at P.S. 3 is to encourage all children to become confident and self-motivated lifelong learners, as well as to inspire them to become compassionate human beings.

Teaching and Learning - Innovation
At P.S. 3, the integrated arts curriculum teaches children to examine their world from a broader perspective, deepening their academic curiosity and love of learning. Teachers meet regularly to exchange ideas on the best learning tools and practices. By maintaining a responsive educational model, teachers are able to provide instruction and support that corresponds to students’ individual learning styles. The teachers at P.S. 3 place a high value on academic standards, while honoring the diverse approaches, backgrounds, and contexts that students require to learn and grow successfully.

Respect for the individuality of each child and for the well being of the community are central to the school’s teaching philosophy. The concept of community is a central message that we share with the children of P.S. 3. Our daily collaboration as parents, teachers and administrators serves as an example to the students, who learn the power of working together as a group with shared goals. As well, children learn to value the unique insights and contributions of each member of our community. Our school considers bias-free learning and respect for others as the foundation for a meaningful education. Finally, children at P.S. 3 develop the capacity to embrace a greater understanding of the world, to celebrate difference and to strive to be of service to local and global communities.


PS3’s integrated arts curriculum fosters creative thinking, scientific curiosity and a love of learning.

PS3’s curriculum is built on high academic standards while taking into account the learning styles of our students.

We demonstrate democracy in action: parents, teachers, administration and the community at large collaborate to translate the values of the school into real world practice.


Our integrated arts curriculum helps each student thrive while using his/her individual learning style
NY state’s Core Curriculum is mixed into our arts curriculum to create an extraordinary education that inspires a wide range of learners.

Mixed and straight-grade classrooms with outstanding teachers
Mixed-grade classrooms across grades 2 and 3 (as well as one mixed 4/5 class) give older children the opportunity to exhibit leadership qualities, while the younger children learn from the older ones.

SAIR program (Science and Artist in Residence)
Developed by parents, this program invites artists and scientists to conduct in-depth programs on a particular subject in the school. Past projects have explored areas of architecture, drama, biology and environmental studies.

PS3 ‘til 6 afterschool program
Extensive creative and intellectual offerings ranging from drama and dance to robotics, as well as homework help and “occasional days” to accommodate parents who need extra coverage during the workweek.

Active parent community that easily collaborates with teachers and administration
Community events have included the annual Antiquarian Book Fair, the Spring Fling and the PS3 Auction.  These events are both school-driven and open to the Greenwich Village and West Village communities.