Yearbook Committee

Co-Chair: Jocelyn Anker

What we do
The Yearbook is an all-school yearbook which features highlights of all of the events that make PS 3 unique – Spring Fling, Square Dance, the Antiquarian Book Fair, and the Auction for the Ars, etc.   The yearbook is paid for by ads so that we can offer the book to the students for a nominal price.

Each teacher has the chance to personalize his/her class pages, and every graduate has a separate photo acknowledgment.

We are always looking for photos of the children. Clear, well-lit images of any PS 3 event are always welcome. If you can send in Black & White photos, they will print better. We have created a page where you can upload images – click here –>UPLOAD IMAGES  Please provide your child’s Name and Room number in the IMAGE INFO space; additionally, if you could please name the file with the name and room number as well it would be helpful. Please submit images as files type JPEG, or PDF, or PNG. No pictures can be returned, so please submit copies only.

Baby Pictures of the 2015 Graduates
We also need baby pictures of the graduating 5th graders. We have created a page where you can upload images – click here –> UPLOAD IMAGES. Please make sure to properly identify the image when you upload – please use the term BABY-PHOTO along with the students name and class. Please submit images as files type JPEG, or PDF, or PNG. And finally, please remember that no pictures can be returned, so please submit copies only.

How you can help
One way we raise money to cover the costs of the yearbook is by selling advertising space to local businesses as well as offering line ads available to the PS3 community only. So as you go about your normal errands, remind the establishments that you frequent that the yearbook is a great way to reach HUNDREDS of families in and out of the area.

Pricing for Ads

  • 8×10 – $225.00
  • 1/2 page – $175.00
  • 1/4 page – $125.00
  • business card $50.00

We have created a page where you can purchase these ads – click here –>yearbook  This page will allow you to select the type/size of ad you want to purchase and you will then be directed to PayPal to pay of the ad. We can not re-size or design the actual ads. Please submit images as files type JPEG, or PDF, or PNG.

Line ad pricing -  (available to the school community only) each line has 60 characters, and please remember that all marks (period or exclamation points, quotation marks, etc.) and all spaces are included in the 60 character count.

  • 1 Line –$10.00
  • 2 Lines –$20.00
  • 3 Lines –$25.00

The line ads can be purchased online – click here –>

Payment Options

For both the page and line ads, you will be directed to PayPal to complete your purchase.

Please purchase  yearbook  your ads NO LATER THAN: TBA.

We strongly encourage everyone to use the online options to purchase and submit images or artwork for ads. If there is absolutely no way you can use the online options provided, please send an email explaining your situation to: yearbook.

If you would like to help out, please feel free to contact us when you see the ad forms come home in your child’s backpack mail. We could always use help at the morning/afternoon yearbook table set up in the lobby, which we start in May, or to sell the yearbooks in June.