Library Committee

Contact:  Jessica Harvey

The library committee would like to invite all interested parents and guardians to join us. We need support for the following activities during the school year:

  1. The Library Writing Festival: Authors, editors and journalists are invited by parents to speak to our children and staff about the writing or editing process. Famous authors who have visited our school include R.L. Stine “Goosebumps,” Lloyd Moss “Zin Zin Violin,” James Lincoln Collier “My Brother Sam is Dead,” Susan Minot “Evening, “ among others. Last year, Darren Sutherland, Manager of the Rare Book Room at the Strand Bookstore showed different classes some unusual books from their collection.
  2. Maintenance of the library: Parents are needed to help reshelve books, maintain organization in the library, delete books from the main system, etc.
  3. It is fun to adopt a shelf and make sure your shelf is spruced up periodically.
  4. Book Sale for Charity

Library Committee Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2014