Graduation Committee

This is going to be a wonderful day for our 5th graders!

Committees you can volunteer for and specific items we need help with:

  1. Graduation ceremony Committee: Committee to ‘prep’ the space. Need Decorations, Flowers, Boutonnieres, Figure out Seating chart, Stage – chairs/risers for grads?
  2. Prep for Reception Committee: Help find 4th Grade Parents to work reception. Need Cake, Supplies to serve Cake/Punch. SIMPLE Punch recipe, Service Knives, etc.
  3. Graduation Party Committee: Decorations, Music (DJ? Dancer?), Food, Water,
  4. Graduation Mask Committee: Supplies, making them with Children
  5. Autograph Books Committee: Creating them with the children
  6. Graphics Committee: Invitation for Graduation and Party
  7. 5th Grade Yearbook Committee: Coordinate 5th grade parents getting picture of their children to yearbook committee, Coordinate getting ‘ads’, congrat to graduates to yearbook committee before deadline.
  8. Setup and Cleanup Crew: Need I type more??
  9. Photo Committee: Explore photographers at graduation ceremony, party??

If you have any suggestions, can donate your time, money or item – please let us know!! We want this to be a great send off for our children!

DOWNLOAD more details on Graduation.