Class Parent Committee

Co-Chair: Jocelyn Anker
Co-Chair: Karin Mahoney

Meetings are held once a month at 8:30am in the Gymeteria.

Our Mission Statement:

When a teacher has support, s/he is able to do a better job for her/his students: our students, our kids.

The primary goal of class parents is to make every family at PS3 feel connected to our community.  In addition to supporting and building community within the classroom, class parents also serve as communication liaisons between classroom families, the classroom teacher(s), and the PTA. We are called upon to make things happen in the classroom, whether it’s acting as a resource to other parents, raising money, rallying volunteers, or assisting on a field trip.

The Class Parent Committee is committed to providing this support throughout the school year, and will meet once a month at 8:30am in the gymeteria. We, the co-chairs (Jocelyn Anker & Karin Mahoney), will be on hand in person and via email throughout the year to provide you with support and information.

There should be more than one class parent per class; in fact, it is a good idea to have more than one so the work can be divided. We would prefer a seasoned parent pairing up with a new parent.  Job expectations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Attend the required class parent meetings at 8:30am monthly and disseminate important information to the class and teacher.
  2. Support school wide fundraising activities, as covered in detail at Class Parent Committee meetings.
  3. Disseminate information to parents regarding the broader context of public education, e.g. how proposed funding changes, new initiatives, budget proposals, etc., may impact our classrooms, as well as inform parents of relevant meetings, petitions, etc.
  4. Organize classroom celebrations upon teacher request (via sign-up, email or phone calls for food contributions etc.
  5. Help to ensure the teacher has enough chaperones for a class trip (via sign-up, email, or phone calls if the teacher needs support).
  6. Organize (or identify a point person within the class to organize) the class art project for The Auction.
  7. Organize the class page in the yearbook: requires someone to photograph the children & layout the page.
  8. Collect funds for class based gifts or incidental purchases that are not provided by PTA funds, such as teacher holiday, year-end gifts, field trips, cooking room, or general materials needed on short notice.
  9. Support the teacher in all other classroom matters, as requested.
  10. Organize and manage class contact sheet & snack list.
  11. Help maintain supply list and communicate teacher requests.
  12. Work the 3Fund table in the lobby to rally parents.
  13. Organize a beginning of year class potluck or playdate to get to know each other.

Serving as the class parent means being willing and able to facilitate harmonious communication. It also means respecting the teacher’s wishes in terms of how the classroom is run. Please realize that your teacher has the right to choose/replace class parents based on class needs.

Class Parent meetings are held every Thursday before the PTA meeting at 8:30AM in the Gymeteria - with the exception of the first and last meeting of the year.