The Artist/Scientist in Residence  Program (SAIR)

What is it?

The PTA gives grants for teaching artists and scientists to work with classroom teachers to create projects to support their curriculum. The project culminates with a public display of the work created. If you follow the link below, it will take you to the page of the PS 3 website that has information about the program.

Arts Committee

How do you get started?

Look at the information on the website, including the application and list of possible partners. Speak with colleagues about their experiences. Imagine a project that will support and enhance some aspect of your planned curriculum. Determine a time frame. Contact your prospective partner to determine availability and cost.

What next?

Once you have a project, a partner, and a time frame, download and complete the application on the website at the following link.

SAIR 2013-2014 Proposal Form

Important final step!

Submit the application to Lisa, who will read it, and either approve it or return it to you for revision and re-submittal. Once she has approved it, she will pass it on to the PTA for approval. You will be notified by the Arts Committee when it has been fully approved.

Under no circumstances should you make a firm commitment to a partner or spend money until your proposal has been fully approved!!!