MOD (Messaging, Outreach & Design) Committee

Co-Chair: Rebecca Shine
Co-Chair: Natasha Gural

Ways to Stay Informed

Web – is the authoritative source which feeds all the other digital channels.  All announcement are first posted on this site and redirected  to email, ical, facebook, twitter and the lobby display.  

Class Web Pages– These have google docs for contacts, signups and calendars. Under the “Classes and Clubs” tab at the top of the web site you can find a web page for each class.   You can get the password to this page from your class parent or teacher.

PS3 Now –  The MOD committee sends out a digest of this web site in email every week with occasional updates in between.  If you would like to receive these mailings please give your contact information here.  To unsubscribe use the link at the bottom of the email.

Instagram –  You can follow us at ps3charrette .

Facebook –  You can follow us at ps3nyc.

Calendar –  You can add the ps3Calendar to your calender using 

Backpack Mail – Most handouts regarding school matters (such as special school schedules, field trips, health advisories) are sent home via ‘backpack mail.’ Please be sure to check your child’s backpack daily and respond promptly when a response is called for.

Teacher emails - Many teachers now send home a weekly update or e-mail, listing the highlights of the previous week and upcoming events.

Class parentsIn each class, several parents are designated to  serve as liaisons between the parents of their child’s class and the PTA. They can be a helpful resource when you have questions.  They typically form a cc list for communicating class specific email via email.

Posters – Notices of events and committee meetings will also be posted around school.

Bulletin Board – Times and locations of meetings that take place on a regularity are posted on the bulletin board in the lobby along with contact information for committee heads, SLT members and Executive Board Members.

Minutes of the monthly PTA meetings – A quick perusal of the PTA minutes will help keep you up to date on what’s going on around school as well as future events and important issues. They are posted on this web site on the Parent Teacher Association page under the Get Involved tab of this website.


The  Communications Committee works to inform the PS3 community of events and important information affecting our school.  If you have information you’d like to see on our site send it .   If you want to help out contact