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We need images from the square dance, movie night, holiday bazaar, Frost Valley trips (grades 4-5), auction, Halloween, creation of class projects, Whitney field trips, and shots from any event that will reproduce well on the printed page. Please register for a login and type in PS3 Charrette School (make sure there is no space in PS3 and that you spell out Charrette) in the “Search For Your School” field at Click on the “UPLOAD” tab in the tool bar and choose “UPLOAD PHOTOS,” the first item in the drop-down menu. If your photo doesn’t belong to one of the categories in the menu, please add it to “Other.” There is no need to write a caption if you are using an existing category, but please describe any photos filed to “Other.”




If your class has a creative parent who designed the page, please send the PDF to and we’ll upload it for you.



Ads help to offset the cost of the yearbook, which is free to every student, teacher, and staff member. Our budget is slightly higher this year because we’re using a  vendor, and making available tools for designed ads and class pages. Why not pitch in to buy an ad to thank your child’s teacher(s).

Go to, log in or register, and select “DESIGN a Yearbook Ad.” Again, when selecting your school, please type in PS3 Charrette School (make sure there is no space in PS3 and that you spell out Charrette) in the “Search For Your School” field. Select either “Personal Full Page Ad” or “Personal Quarter Page Ad.” You will see a “Create Your First Ad” pop-window to your left with three steps on how to create your ad using the icons to the left. There is also a “HELP” tab to assist with troubleshooting. If you encounter any problems or need help creating an ad, please call 1-888-926-6571, extension 2, and identify yourself as a parent from PS3 Charrette School.

Spring Fling

The Spring Fling is the annual PS3 FUNraiser bringing together parents, students, teachers and neighbors for a day of family fun.

The carnival-like atmosphere includes bouncy castles for young and older kids, live music and karaoke, delicious food from our WITS program, the amazing family dessert table, the infamous PS3 Haunted Glenn, the Wheel of Fortune, games and prizes, educational organizations with fun activities, pocket lady, PS3 committee tables, a raffle and more!

Hitting PS3 on May 14th this year from 11-4, this is truly an all-community event that requires dozens of volunteers to make it happen.


  • Mark your calendar and volunteer for an hour or two to make this day happen for our kids. You can sign up here
  • Think of the Fling while you Spring Clean: we need children’s books, children’s CDs, children’s DVDs and parenting books for our Book Table. Also, small kid toys for our Pocket Lady and bigger items like new craft sets, coloring books, larger toys, etc. for our Wheel of Fortune game. Look for the Spring Fling Box in the lobby and drop it in.

The Fling thanks you!!


To the PS 3 Community: Welcome Spring!

Earth Day-
What an incredible celebration we had for our beautiful planet Earth during lunch on April 21st. The Wellness Committee gathered to create a display of sprouting chickpeas and sent students off with their own dried chickpea for sprouting at home. Our Chef Partner Farmigo generously donated plenty of freshly harvested lettuces to make a salad for the entire cafeteria. We topped it with a delicious Strawberry Vinaigrette (see recipe below) with Kimberly’s PreK class helping to make the base for the dressing. Susan’s K class made another version of a vinaigrette dubbed “205’s Super Delicious Dressing” for the school salad bar.

We were also treated to a SCOBY petting zoo! SCOBY, or “symbiotic ‘colony’ of bacteria and yeast” is used in making kombucha, a fermented tea. The SCOBY resembles a jelly fish and it made a fascinating appearance, with the bravest students running their fingers along its smooth skin.

PS3 Teacher Appreciation Event


We’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day this Thursday May 5th. It’s our way to say thank you to the teachers and staff that make PS3 such a special community.

Please bring a main course or dessert of any size to Room 408 after drop off Thursday morning. If you don’t have time to prepare something and you can’t pick something up en route to school, you can place an order with Fresh Direct to be sent to the school lobby (490 Hudson Street) between 8-10am.

Please sign up here to participate, and kindly let Suzy ( know if you’re using Fresh Direct so she can meet the delivery person in the lobby.


Need childcare during Live Auction Night – Friday, April 15th?

PS 3 ’til 6 is offering a Special Kids Evening at PS 3, from 6pm to 10pm:  pizza, movie, games and crafts. This childcare event is open to Grades K-5 and costs $10. 

To register, please visit this page, select the age-appropriate button, and follow the prompts until enrollment is complete.

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