As educators, the key questions we ask ourselves are: how do we prepare today’s youth for the challenges they will face when they become tomorrow’s citizens? Which skills will their brave new economy require? How will they ensure sustainable practices that don’t destroy our environment, sound governance structures, strong civil institutions, and a better, more inclusive society? While we don’t have all the answers – far from it – we can outline a few basic values and educational goals.
Out-0f-school programs offer an extraordinary opportunity to enhance and supplement the student’s day-time experience. Taking a holistic approach to youth development, we strive to create a nurturing environment where children can be physically active, and intellectually engaged. By tapping into the vast pool of talent New York City has to offer, we are able to provide multiple classes and workshops in different subject areas, which all children are encouraged to explore.
Our registration platform supports this programming philosophy. For example, instead of selling classes a la carte, we have an all-inclusive approach to scheduling and pricing. There is no partial day enrollment available during Afterschool, and most specialty classes are included in the semester tuition at no extra cost. A family-friendly Festival at the end of the each term allows students to showcase their projects and skills.
No program thrives without an excellent team! We are proud of the talented men and women who work with our children everyday.  Their commitment to youth development and well-being is critical to the success of our programs.  Counselors review daily operations and procedures periodically to ensure the highest operational standards are being met and daily routines run smoothly. Coaches and teaching artists are passionate about their specialty and share our educational goals.  All team members are expected to be excellent role models and develop meaningful relationships with the children in our care.