FAQs: Camp

1. Changes, Cancellations & Refund Policy
2. Payment Options & Discounts Available
3. Medical Forms
4. How to Edit My Account
5. Receipt For Reimbursement or Tax Purposes
6.  Eligibility, Special Needs & DropIn Service
7.  Lunch, Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions
8.  Cancellation of Extras
9. Dismissal Procedures
10. Guidelines & Compliance
11. Concerns & Feedback

Can we add sessions to our child’s Camp enrollment after completing the online registration?
Yes. Just click the registration link, select date(s), and follow the prompts until registration is completed.
Is it possible to change the Optional Extras after completing the online registration process?
Yes. Please email our office. We will process changes – subject to availability – provided the request is submitted before the date of service. There is a $10 processing fee per request.
Will we get a refund if we have to cancel one or more Camp dates?
We are unable to issue refunds or credits for Camp cancellations. Thank you for your understanding.
Will we get a refund if any of the Optional Extras are cancelled due to under-enrollment or instructor illness?
Yes. We will issue a full refund if that happens.
I don’t remember which dates we signed up for. How can I access registration details?
Click  Manage Account under the Register tab. You will be asked to enter your username (usually this is the email address you used when you registered) and password to log into your account. All registration details including payments are available there.

The online Camp registration offers only a full payment option. Is it possible to make a payment plan?
Yes. If your family uses the PS 3 ’til 6 Afterschool Program during the school year, and your account is in good standing, we can issue a payment plan. Please contact our office for details:  ps3til6@gmail.com
Do you offer any discounts?
 Yes, we offer Early Bird rates, as well as Bundle discounts.  See enrollment options page for more details.
Is there a subsidized camp program in our neighborhood?
 Yes, the Parks & Recreation program at the Tony Dapolito Center is subsidized by the City. Their programs are offered at no cost, or highly reduced rates. Please contact them directly for details. 

Why do we have to submit a medical form before my child is allowed to join the program?
This is required by the Department of Health.
If I submitted a Medical during the school year, do I have to give you another copy for Camp?
Yes, a copy of your child’s medical form is required for Camp participation.
Can I ask the PS 3 Office to give your program a copy of the Medical form we submitted in the beginning of the school year?
Due to privacy laws, only the parent/guardian is allowed to photocopy the child’s Medical form. We recommend you keep copies of your child’s medical form at all times.

I need to change some of the details in my account. How can I do this?
Click the Manage Account tab. After you login, you will see an option to ‘edit personal information.’ Follow the prompts and then log out.
Should I notify your office when I add a new name to our Authorized PickUp List?
Yes, this is very important for safety reasons.  Please email us new names as soon as you finish editing your account so we can update our PickUp list right away.
If I email that information, do I still have to edit my account?
Yes. Your account should always be up-to-date.

What is your Tax Id?
Village Kids Camps are operated by PS 3 ’til 6, Inc., a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. Our tax ID # is 31-1788301.
I need a receipt showing how much we paid for camp services. How can I obtain one?
Click Your Account, login, and follow the prompts.

What is the minimum age required for participation in your Camp Programs?
We accept students that are currently attending grades PreK – 5.
Would you consider an older sibling who is in Middle School?
Yes. Please contact our office for details: ps3til6@gmail.com
Will siblings be allowed to spend the day together?
That depends on their age. If the siblings have a 2-3 year difference, their home base, supervisors and daily routine will probably be different so we cannot guarantee they will be together. If you have specific concerns, please contact our office: ps3til6@gmail.com
My child’s friend does not attend PS 3 but would like to participate in your Camp Programs. Is this allowed?
Yes. Feel free to share information about our program with friends and neighbors.
Does your Camp Program offer services for children with special needs?
Unfortunately, our program has limited space available and our staff is not trained to provide services for children with special needs.
Does your Camp offer DropIn services?
Yes, Drop-In Days are usually available.

Does your Camp Program provide lunch?
No. Children should bring their own packed lunch and water bottle in a portable bag, preferably an insulated one so food and drinks stay fresh. Some days, weather permitting, children will have their lunch outdoors, picnic style. We recommend you include vegetables and fresh fruit, and avoid sugary drinks. Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day.
Do you provide any snacks?
Yes, we offer a variety of dry snacks. However, we cannot guarantee that your child will like what is available. If there are any dietary concerns, we recommend you pack your child’s favorite snack everyday s/he attends the program.
My child has food allergies. Should we pack snacks everyday in addition to lunch?
Yes. We cannot guarantee that the snacks available will meet your child’s dietary needs or restrictions. If there are any food allergies, or nutrition concerns, children should bring their own.

What happens if one of the Extras we selected is cancelled due to under-enrollment or instructor illness?
We will refund the Extra Fee.
What happens if a scheduled field trip is cancelled because of bad weather?
We will offer campers a suitable alternative that day. No credits or refunds will be issued under these circumstances.
If my child misses any Camp days, will we get a credit?
We cannot reimburse families if their child fails to attend any of her/his scheduled program.
Do I need to notify the Program Staff if my child is going to miss a day?
Yes. Please email our office as soon as you know that your child will be absent:  ps3til6@gmail.com   

Do I have to sign the Dismissal Form everyday? 
Yes, this is a safety procedure. The Dismissal should always be signed by the adult picking up the student, not by the child.
Is everyone on the Authorized PickUp list required to show a photo ID?
Yes. Please remind everyone on your child’s list to bring a photo ID.
What happens if I pick up my child after her/his scheduled dismissal?
You will be asked to pay the late pickup fee of $1.00 per minute (following cell phone time) to the staff person who had to wait for you. This policy is strictly enforced!

Can my child be suspended from the program for behavior issues?
Yes. If staff members have any concerns about a child’s behavior, they will contact the family to discuss options, which may include cancellation of services (a pro-rated reimbursement will be issued for the unused portion of the program in this case).
Can services be terminated for any other reason?
Yes. All families must be committed to constructive participation and appropriate behavior, and willing to abide by the guidelines and policies established by the program. Our administration has the unrestricted right to terminate a child’s enrollment at its sole discretion due to behavior issues and/or failure of child’s family to comply with our guidelines and policies [a pro-rated reimbursement for the unused portion of the program will be issued in this case].

Who should I talk to if I have comments or general feedback about the program?
We welcome any and all feedback from families. If you have any concerns, or simply want to make a suggestion, please speak with our Camp Director. Richie is available during program hours, including dismissal. You can also email the office and ask to set up an appointment.