IMPORTANT ** 2017 Fall Semester enrollment is open! Scroll down for information and registration. Please consult all relevant information under the Afterschool tab, including the FAQ pages, before you enroll your child. Class descriptions are available under Enrichment. Thank you. 

The school year is divided into two Semesters, Fall and Spring. Enrollment opens approximately one month before the first day of the new semester. Please check the Calendar section of our website for key dates, including registration deadlines.
Most specialty workshops are included in the semester tuition at no extra cost and there is no partial-day option. This all-inclusive approach to scheduling and pricing allows students greater exposure to enrichment options and learning opportunities and helps us keep tuition fees as low as possible.
The registration system works with computers and portable devices. If you have any trouble when you click the link, please clear the cache, refresh the page and try again [email us if you continue to experience problems].
As a non-profit, community based organization, we are committed to providing excellent programs at the best possible rates, and make every effort to keep tuition fees as low as possible. Early bird rates and bundle discounts are available for most services.

WEEKDAY TUITION FEE **              REDUCED FEE [Reduced/Free Lunch Families]
$345 Early Bird                                      $275 Early Bird Reduced Fee
$375 Regular Tuition                            $305 Regular Tuition Reduced Fee
CLASS FEES  ** Added to Semester Tuition
$125 Fencing
$150 Swimming
$225 Tennis
** Total semester charges will depend on the number of Weekdays (and classes) selected during registration. For example: One Weekday = $345/Semester;  Five Weekdays = $1725/Semester
** Reduced Fee is available to families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch [see Registration FAQs for instructions].
The online system accepts major Credit and Debit cards. Semester enrollment requires a 50% deposit at registration which is non-refundable. If you select the two-payment option, the balance will be due approximately four weeks after the semester begins [see Calendar page for specific dates].
If you pay the Semester Tuition in full, 50% of tuition fees can be refunded provided you submit a Cancellation Request before the balance payment deadline (see Calendar page for specific dates). No refunds will be issued for cancellations requested after the second payment due date. Thank you for your understanding.

Each of the three programs listed below has its own home base, daily routine and supervisors.
Minimum Enrollment Required ** Two Weekdays 

PreK students are picked up directly from their classrooms by the afterschool staff and escorted to their home base. Their daily routine includes snack, creative movement, story-telling, literacy-based games, songs, art projects, crafts and free play. PreK students also participate in some of the K-1 workshops [see K-1 Activities Schedule below]. Activities are managed by the group’s supervisor and tailored to the personality and preferences of the students enrolled in the program. All activities are included in the Semester Tuition except tennis classes.
Offered Mondays and Thursdays. If you are interested in enrolling your child in the Tennis program, please select one of these weekdays during registration. The Extra Fee of $225 will be added to the Weekday Tuition charges. 

K-1 AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM – K-1 Fall’17  Schedule of Activities
Minimum Enrollment Required ** Two Weekdays 
K-1 students are picked up directly from their classrooms by the afterschool staff and escorted to their home base. At 3:15 students participate in first period classes, followed by Snack and Free Play in the Yard (weather permitting). Second Period activities start at 4:30pm and include sports, chess, legos, robotics, cooking, and crafts. Children are encouraged to try-out different specialty classes throughout the semester. Tennis * – available Mondays and Thursdays – and Swimming *  -available Tuesdays and Thursdays – can be selected during registration for an Extra FeeAll other activities are included in the Semester Tuition. Class descriptions are available under Enrichment above.
* If these classes are full when you register, you can complete the Wait List (under this Tab) and thus ensure your child will have a slot next semester.

2-5 AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM – 2-5 Fall’17  Schedule of Activities
At the end of the school day, 2-5 graders walk downstairs with their teacher to the dismissal area. From the Auditorium and Gymeteria they are asked to join their afterschool home base. The daily routine for these students includes attendance, snack, recreation, homework, team sports and enrichment classes in multiple specialties. During registration, 2-5 graders are asked to select two activities, one per period. Class descriptions are available under Enrichment above.
During the first two weeks of each semester, students are encouraged to try-out different classes and workshops and allowed to adjust their Activities Schedule. This policy supports our pedagogical objectives, namely, ensure that children attending our program are exposed to multiple disciplines. Requests for class changes will be processed by our office provided the request is emailed during the first two weeks of the semester and there are slots available. Students who wish to make schedule changes after the second Friday of the semester should speak directly with their afterschool supervisor. Please do not email requests for class changes after the second Friday of the semester. Thank you.
* If any of your child’s preferred class(es) are full when you register, please complete the Wait List (under this Tab) and we will contact you if a slot opens up.

Teacher Notification ** VERY IMPORTANT **
Don’t forget to inform your child’s teacher that s/he will attend the program. School teachers cannot release children unless they have been notified in advance by the parent/guardian.
For safety reasons, we cannot accept children without pre-registration. Never send your child to the Afterschool Program unless s/he has been registered in advance. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the suspension of afterschool services. Thank you for your understanding.