Academics & Languages

Classes vary from term to term. Please check current program schedule for activities available this semester.
Story-Writing & Story-Telling! 
Budding poets and storytellers will love this class! We will explore creative writing from memoir to playwriting, giving each student a chance to discover new voices and ways to express themselves. We will read and record writing samples from each theme – a great way to practice how to present your work in front of an audience (small or large). At the end of the semester each student will have a literary journal, as well as a notebook full of their work. This will be an excellent addition to their middle school application!
Do you love writing fiction or non-fiction? In this class students will explore different writing styles and strategies. Those who are interested in Journalism will learn and practice basic trade skills like interviewing, fact-checking, copy-editing, layout and publishing. Those who love stories or poetry will be encouraged to create original works. Some days we will tour the neighborhood looking for inspiring characters and places. The work produced in our workshop will be published in Picture This!, the PS 3 ’til 6 Newsletter. At the end of the term each student will have a Notebook with their work which they can use when applying for middle school.
Expeditions & Special Projects 
We like to venture outside and explore the Village! On Fridays, groups go out to local parks and piers – weather permitting – and participate in fun activities available nearby like mini-golf, sprinklers, fishing, bowling, the Hudson library, etc.  When the weather is not conducive for outdoor expeditions, we run fun projects indoors like Crazy Hat Day, Carnival, Tie-Die Ventures or Dress-Up As Your Favorite Character. A great way to unwind after a busy week!
World Cultures Program & Foreign Language Clubs
Each semester we offer one or more foreign language club for students in grades PreK-K-1. These classes follow the ‘language immersion’ approach, whereby the instructor engages children in activities and games conducted in the original language (as much as possible). Led by native speakers, these clubs are designed to provide exposure to the new language in a playful environment. Children learn words for common actions, as well as colors, numbers, and other key vocabulary for everyday life. By the end of the semester participants should be comfortable leading some basic daily routines in the new language. Languages vary from term to term, depending on instructor availability. Chinese and Spanish are offered most semesters!