Performing Arts

Classes vary from term to term. Please check current program schedule for activities available this semester. NOTE ** Performing arts teachers are all professionally trained.
Acting Workshop (Marlon)  – NEW This Year!
In this new workshop students are introduced to the art of play-acting. Classes focus on Improvisation, Team Building, Stage Presence, Stage Direction, Auditioning Techniques, Beginner Voice (Singing) & Beginner Movement (Dance). At the end of the semester students present an original collaborative project.
Ailey Program:  Jazz/HipHop (Damazi)
In partnership with the Alvin Ailey Dance Education Program
The Alvin Ailey teaching artists are experienced professionals who love to work with children and love what they do. This year we will offer again their very popular Jazz/Hip Hop workshop.  Working together as a class, students develop an original choreography for a music theme of their choice and then present their specially rehearsed piece at the end of the semester – one of the highlights of our Showcases!
Ballet 4 Kids (Danita) 
Introduction to classical music and dance. In this class students will learn the basic vocabulary of classical dance, as well as its sounds, shapes and many textures. Children will explore creativity and self-expression, while practicing body control, posture, coordination, and timing. Class will have a small recital at the end of the semester.
Broadway Magic (Marlon)
Learn from the Pros and experience the magic of Broadway! In this workshop children are introduced to musical theater, a mix of storytelling, song, dance, and choreography. Combining the art of play and the structure of theater technique, children explore creativity while garnering stage skills and learning how to work as a group. At the end of the semester students showcase their skills with a rehearsed number.
Dance Ventures (Danita) 
This class blends music, creative play, improvisation, ballet and modern dance basics. Working individually or in groups, students build coordination, flexibility and strength. Each session will have standard opening and closing songs and movement sequences, set warm ups, and free improvisation. A great introduction to bodily awareness and self-expression!
Electronic Music 
Learn the basics of beat making, songwriting and recording! Using a midi controller and a computer, you can create any melody or sound sequence of your choice. We will take neighborhood walks to record outdoor sounds and learn about sampling and re-mixing. Working individually or in groups, students will also have the opportunity to write their own lyrics and record their own melodies. At the end of the semester we will have our own original music CD!
Flamenco Dance – New This Year!
In Partnership with Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana **
Students will learn the basic technique of this highly expressive dance, including posture, intricate body language, percussive footwork, and rhythmic patterns. Known for its hand clapping, sweeping arm movements, and rhythmic feet stomping, Flamenco has roots in Indian, Arabic, and Spanish cultures. In 2010 this art form was added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. ** Flamenco Vivo is one of the nation’s premier Spanish dance companies. In addition to multiple performances, they also offer innovative arts education programs. Click here to watch sample performance pieces. A great addition to our Dance Program!
Move & Groove (Jessica) 
This new approach to creative movement encourages kids to discover their own unique way of moving on a simple rhythm. Children experience music and dance in a fun, relaxed environment that helps build confidence and fosters creativity. Find your inner GROOVE!
Musical Theater (Lynda) 
In this intensive, 90-minute workshop, students learn the basics of Broadway Theater by practicing scenes from famous Broadway musicals. Classes focus on acting, improv, song, and dance. Guest artists will be brought in to workshop specific aspects of theater production including sets, costumes and choreography. Students are welcome to try the class first without commitment the beginning of the semester. No DropIns or Try-Outs allowed after the third session. 100% student commitment and participation is expected!
Tap Dance
In partnership with the American Tap Dance Foundation
ATDF offers children the chance to become immersed in America’s own indigenous art form and culture. The Foundation’s faculty share their knowledge of the artistry and history of Tap in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Classes emphasize technique, improvisation and tap dance history. Sessions take place at 154 Christopher Street, the Foundation’s headquarters. Afterschool students are escorted to/from class back to PS 3. No new students accepted after the third week of classes.
Zumba Kids  (Demetra) 
Fun and fitness come together in this high-energy dance workshop. Students learn and practice great new steps to the sound of Latin rhythms and other international music. Classes emphasize coordination, balance, confidence and teamwork. Get jammin’ !