Science & Technology

Classes vary from term to term. Please check current program schedule for activities available this semester.
Cosmos:  A SpaceTime Odyssey! 
Inspired by Neil Tyson’s recent documentary series, this interactive workshop will explore the basic elements of the universe and some of the theories developed by ancient and modern scientists to explain its origins, makeup and evolution. The nature of galaxies, stars, planets, moons, and asteroids are some of the topics this class will address! Hands-on projects such as designing and building models of the cosmos will complement and enhance our learning.
Hands-in-the-Dirt: Botanists & Urban Farmers (Jessica)
Ever observe kids making mud pies? This workshop explores the art and science of all things botanical and how gardening can help us address environmental issues. Children will grow micro greens, shoots and herbs, keep a class journal and create recyclable art like planter pots [out of water bottles] and re-usable bags [out of old t-shirts]. Projects include decomposer terrariums and water science. Students will be proud of their gardening ventures and ‘edible’ discoveries!
Jr Detectives: Spy Kids – NEW This Year!
In Partnership with Parker-Anderson Enrichment
Ever watch Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery? Learn all about crime investigation and forensic work. Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries and develop observation and reasoning skills. In this class students learn how to take fingerprints, decode secret messages, search for clues, and solve puzzles.
Kitchen Lab:  Have Fun with Science and Eat It Too! 
Why do we heat up sugar to make candy?  How do vegetables turn into pickles? Why does bread dough expand? What happens ‘behind the scenes’ when milk becomes butter, cheese or yogurt?  How does salt alter the flavor of our food? Join our scientist-in-residence and explore the science behind the foods we eat and cook everyday. In this fun class you get to taste your own experiments!
Lego Engineers
Take lego building to a new level!  With kits from the Master Builders Academy students will learn the most important techniques used by the real Master Builders and are challenged to build their own creations. Each kit spotlights a different theme that kids love, like Robots, Space, Autos and more!
Minecraft: Imaginary Worlds 
The popular video game Minecraft is an interactive way for children to build the fantastic worlds of their dreams! Students will lay out plans, create an avatar, share hidden “seeds” and do real-time presentations of the complex realms they create. Together, we will design amazing landscapes and structures. We will also explore Minecraft to build personal relationships and improve public-speaking skills — and have fun along the way!
Ocean Mysteries
Do you have any idea how deep or wide the ocean is? Ever think about the many strange creatures that live in the oceans? In this class students will get a chance to dive deep into the abyss that few have visited before. In the process, they will learn about coral reefs, arctic waters, and other wonders of the vast oceans that cover most of our planet. Students will observe living creatures, fossils, and preserved specimens before attempting to create realistic models based on their favorite ocean creatures.
This ongoing workshop introduces children to the basics of programming and robotics in a playful environment. Working with Lego Mindstorms EV 3, students design, build, and program their own machines [or follow the manual instructions]. They practice programming and problem solving, explore 3-D design and 3-D printing, and indulge in robot battles. A great introduction to the wonders and challenges of automation!
Science Wonders with Professor Apple
In partnership with WonderHut Science
In this class our K-1 apprentice scientists explore, experiment, and get excited about a variety of engaging science topics. Every week students delve into different subjects, using stories, dramatic play, science based art projects, artifacts and tools. Topics include botany, animal studies, survival skills, weather, geology, physics (magnetism, electricity), and other exciting subjects in chemistry or space travel. A place to wonder!
Video Game Design – New This Year!
In partnership with StateMakers
In this workshop students build programs, games, and animations using Scratch, the drag-and-drop, color-coded, event driven programming block editor. Young engineers will learn the fundamentals of programming with this fun introduction from the MIT Media Lab including if/then statements, loop structures, data variables, mathematical and Boolean operators. These skills will be used to create games as we explore design concepts.
Young Inventors – New This Year!
In partnership with StateMakers
Young engineers will design smart electronics in this fun, project-centered introduction to creative DIY smart circuits. Our creations will light up, beep, spin, and inspire! In this workshop we explore circuit design with Snap Circuits and create sensors with littleBits. We’ll hand-write electrically conductive poems with CircuitScribe and build touch-sensitive devices with the MaKey MaKey controller, transforming everyday objects into buttons and switches. We’ll mold and shape our own circuit inputs with Squishy Circuits, a conductive Play-Doh material that emphasizes creativity. And we’ll make paper circuits like glowing faces and fire-eyed tigers that apply basic skills in circuitry. This is a great introduction to “physical computing”, the Design Thinking Process, and computer hardware functionality and design. Join the fun!