Our programs offer a wide range of classes and workshops in multiple areas – from visual and performing arts to science and technology, fitness and sports, cooking and nutrition, among others. Classes vary from semester to semester. Please consult the current semester schedule for up-to-date information.
The Afterschool is an essential partner in the children’s education. Our program provides a nurturing environment where students are expected to be physically active, and intellectually engaged. By tapping into the vast pool of talent New York City has to offer, we keep the curriculum dynamic and innovative, and encourage children to explore classes and workshops in different subject areas. Our enrollment platform supports this programming philosophy. Instead of selling classes a la carte, we have an all-inclusive approach to scheduling and pricing; there is no partial day enrollment available and most specialty classes are included in the semester tuition at no extra cost. We celebrate the end of each term with a family-friendly festival where students showcase their work and skills.
We are also focused on developing cross-discipline projects, which mobilize different but complementary skills and talents; for example, visual arts students get involved in the design and execution of props for dance and drama performances, book covers for the recipes of our young chefs, or even making books for our photography apprentices. This type of joint project helps foster a higher sense of purpose and community among instructors and students alike.