FAQs: Registration

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1)   Enrollment Options, Changes & Waitlists
2)   Cancellations & Refunds
3)   Registration Details & Receipts
4)   How to Edit My Account
5)   Financial Aid & Payment Options
6)   Medical Forms

Can we switch or add Weekdays to our child’s Semester enrollment after completing the online registration? Yes, you can request enrollment changes during the first two weeks of each new semester. Our office will process changes provided there are slots available. There is a $10 processing fee per request [per family].
Why is there an Extra Fee for certain classes? To cover specialized instruction and/or expensive equipment and materials.
Can I pick up my child at 4:30pm instead of regular afterschool dismissal at 5:45pm? You can pick up your child any time between 3 and 6pm.
Can I request changes to my child’s semester schedule?  Semester changes can be processed during the first two weeks of each new semester.
My schedule has changed this week. Can my child attend the program on different Weekdays this week only? Unfortunately program staff are hired based on semester enrollment so changing Weekdays at will is not an option. However, you can sign up for DropIn service if you need afterschool any day your child does not normally attend the program.
My child attends the Afterschool on Mondays but this coming Monday is a holiday. Can I send my child on a different Weekday to make up for the holiday? Same answer as above.
Can my 2-5 grader switch Activities after completing the online registration process? ** Requests for class changes will be processed during the first two weeks of the semester [subject to availability and processing fee].  After this date students can discuss their preferences directly with their afterschool supervisor. Please keep in mind that skills-building classes do not accept new students after the second week of the semester.
If my child attends a tutorial offered by PS 3, and wants to transition into the afterschool program once the tutorial is over, do we get a discount for afterschool registration?  Our staff commitments are semester long so we cannot offer partial discounts even if a child misses some first period activities.
What happens if my child does not get a slot in her/his favorite class?  Class Policies are explained on this page.

What’s your Cancellation/Refund Policy for Semester enrollment?  Semester enrollment requires a 50% deposit of your Semester Tuition. This deposit is Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable. 
My plans have changed and I want to cancel my child’s semester enrollment. What should I do? Please complete the Cancellation Request form on our website so we can process your request.
When I enrolled my child, I was required to pay 50% percent of Tuition Fees. Will this amount be refunded if I cancel my child’s enrollment? The deposit required at Registration is non-refundable (see above).
When I enrolled my child, I paid the Tuition Fees in full. Will this amount be refunded?  Fifty percent of Tuition Fees will be refunded provided the Cancellation Request is submitted during the first two weeks of the semester.  No refunds will be issued for cancellations requested after that date. Thank you for your understanding.
What’s your Cancellation/Refund Policy for DropIn enrollment? If you need to cancel a DropIn date, please email our office. The Daily Tuition will be added to your account as a credit – minus a $5 processing fee. The credit balance can be used for other services offered during the current school year.

I don’t remember which activities we signed up for. How can I find out our registration details? Click the Your Account tab, then Manage Your Account. You will be asked to enter your username (the email address you used when you registered) and password to log into your account. All registration details and payments are available there.
Is PS 3 ’til 6, Inc. a tax-exempt organization?  Yes, we are a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. The tax ID # is 31-1788301.
I need a receipt showing how much we paid this year for afterschool services. How can I obtain one? Click Your Account, login, and follow the prompts.

I need to change some of the details provided when I created my account. How can I do this?  Click the Your Account tab, then the Manage Your Account link. After you login, you will see an option to ‘Edit Registration Form.’ Follow the prompts and then log out.
Should I notify the Afterschool Office if/when I add a new name to our list of Authorized PickUp?  This is very important for safety reasons.  Please email us the new name(s) as soon as you finish editing your account so we can update our PickUp list right away.
If I email that information, do I still have to edit my account?  Yes. Your account should always be up-to-date.
Is everyone on the PickUp list required to show a photo ID? Yes. Please remind everyone on your child’s list to bring a photo ID.

Is there a discount for families who qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch?  Yes. Please consult the Register Afterschool page for Discount details.
When I registered my child online, I did not see an option for any Free/Reduced Lunch discount. How is this applied? When you register for Afterschool, please choose the Partial Payment Option and let us know via email that your family submitted the Free/Reduced Lunch form. Once we receive confirmation of your family’s status from the school’s office we apply the discount to your account. This process may take a few weeks. If you want to work out a payment plan, please contact the office (email is the best way to reach us:  ps3til6@gmail.com).
Is there a free afterschool program in the neighborhood? Yes. The Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, just two blocks from PS 3, offers afterschool activities free-of-charge. To learn more about this NYC Parks & Recreation program, please contact the Center (212) 242-5228.
The online registration offers only a two-payment option. Is it possible to have a payment plan for the balance? Yes, Semester enrollment requires a 50% deposit but the balance can be paid in installments if that’s your preference. Please contact our office for details. Email is the best way to reach us: ps3til6@gmail.com

Why do we have to submit my child’s current medical form before s/he is allowed to join the program? This is required by the New York State.
Can I submit a copy of the medical form we used for summer camp? What if the camp form has a different layout from the one you are providing?  Yes, provided it covers the same information.
Can I ask the school office to give the Afterschool a copy of the Medical form we submitted in the beginning of the school year?  No. Due to privacy laws, only the parent/guardian is allowed to photocopy the child’s Medical form. We recommend you keep copies of your child’s medical form at all times.
Do medical forms expire? Medical forms expire 12 months after the date of issue. That’s why we recommend you schedule your child’s annual doctor’s visit during the summer months.
We have a doctor’s appointment scheduled in a few days. Can my child attend the program even before his/her appointment?  We cannot allow children in the program until the medical form has been submitted. Thank you for your understanding.