Welcome to the PS 3 ’til 6 website!  Our afterschool program serves students in the PS 3 community. We offer a variety of classes in fitness and sports, visual and performing arts, cooking and nutrition, foreign languages, science and technology, robotics and multiple crafts. The program is designed to supplement and enhance the children’s educational experience in a fun, creative and experimental environment.
PS 3 ’til 6 Afterschool Program
Tel: (917) 426-3263
Email:  ps3til6@gmail.com
1. Afterschool Registration for our 2014-15 Fall Semester is now closed. To sign up for DropIn service, click Register above and follow the prompts.
2. We urge all prospective users to read the Afterschool Info pages as well as the FAQs before enrolling their children. If you have any questions, please email our office. Messages are checked daily and answered by order of priority. 
3. Thursday, November 13th is a Half-Day at PS 3  - school dismisses at 12 noon (instead of 2:40 pm). Families can sign up for DropIn service to cover the extra hours from 12 to 3 pm. Please visit this page for details and registration link.
4. Thursday, Nov 13 Field Trip (Gr. 2-5):  Students in grades 2-5 can participate in a visit to the Museum of Mathematics. Registration for this special is available here.
5. If you sign up your child for the Field Trip, please don’t forget to complete the online Permission Slip Form.  Thank you.