Welcome to the PS 3 ’til 6 website!  Our afterschool program serves students in the PS 3 community. We offer a variety of classes in fitness and sports, visual and performing arts, cooking and nutrition, foreign languages, science and technology, robotics and multiple crafts. The program is designed to supplement and enhance the children’s educational experience in a fun, creative and nurturing environment.
PS 3 ’til 6 Afterschool Program
Tel: (917) 426-3263
Email:  ps3til6@gmail.com
1. Spring Semester Registration is open through the end of January. ** Please consult the Calendar page for Activities and key semester dates. Under the Register tab above, you will find the age appropriate page for registration. The new term offers exciting new classes in science and technology, performance, visual arts, and more [see descriptions under Enrichment]. Sign up now to ensure a slot! ** A $50 Late Fee will be added to registrations processed after Jan 31st.
2. We want to thank all of the children, staff and faculty who made the Winter Showcase such a unique event!  Amazing sights and sounds filled the Auditorium… including short films, colorful art, fun science, and delicious treats from the cooking program. Enthusiastic performers delighted the audience with original choreographies, apprentice fencers exhibited dexterity, and young scientists showed off their robotic inventions. A little magic and a lot of creativity made this celebration very special. Thank You!
3.  DropIn service is now available for all grades, including Prek! Click DropIn under Register above and follow instructions for registration. 
4. We urge all prospective users to read the Afterschool Info pages as well as the FAQs before enrolling their children. If you have any questions, please email our office. Messages are checked daily and answered by order of priority.